Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almost 2....

Aunt Kate visited us in London while Dave was on a business trip.... we went hunting for some Autumn colors.
Well, our little one is not so little. In one month she's going to be two! Where have the last two years gone? This month has been very busy around here. We started the month in London, Kate came to visit us as Dave was on a business trip. We had about a week then after Dave returned in which the movers came and we packed out belongings and said goodbye. We flew across the ocean and spent a week living in Dave's parents house while we found a rental and took our belongings out of storage. We have now been living in our new house for a little over a week. I'll try to post some more about our new place on the blog (eventually). All in all, Georgia did really well. The jet lag was again terrible. The flight was probably the best one yet! (Thanks to the iPad). She has remained upbeat, and is finally back to herself, after a couple weeks of craziness and sleep deprivation.
The Baby Ballet class that Georgia loved attending in London

Weight: 28.2 pounds (lost a pound... either due to an inaccurate scale or the fact we haven't been having as regular meal times yet due to our move)
Height: 36 or 36.5 inches

This has been a month of sitting on the potty! Lots of successes this month
Diapers: potty training! Woohoo! This has been a month-long process, started by the little bugger a week before our move. I have had a potty in our house since March or so, and with plenty of naked time around here, she just decided to start using it one day. We go diaper-less around the house, and wear diapers for bedtime. We just started leaving the house for short increments of time with underpants on. So far, so good! She does both businesses in there, although seeing poop in the toilet the first couple times was traumatic.
We took Georgia to the children's zoo in London before we left

Sleep: Georgia seems to be sleeping really well. Now that we're done with the jet lag, she has been going to bed from 8pm to 8am ish. She does wake up once anywhere from 4:30am-5:30am. Now that we're more in a routine and eating good dinners again, I'm going to be working to eliminate this middle of the night wake-up. She has been taking long naps! I think this new house wears her out a little more as it is bigger with more room to run and play. She has been napping most days for 3 hours.
Georgia's new best friend, French Fry

Activity: Our new home is right by a cute downtown area. We have been walking down there to get ice cream or coffee. We have been running lots of errands - buying things for our home and trying to fill our fridge. Georgia is getting used to being in a car seat and does really well. We went to the beach once, and now Georgia is asking to go again. We have several friends her age that we've seen a couple of times. We see our family quite often - Dave's brother and his wife live in the house directly behind us. We have joined Puggles - part of the Awana program - at our church. We have many things to do and people to see, and our schedule is actually quite busy already. I think Georgia is enjoying seeing people and places, but we do need to fall into our rhythm soon.
Georgia's favorite tree at Grandma & Grandpa's house: the orange tree that always has oranges on it for her to eat!