Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My little one year old

Although he is not truly very little, this is the littlest he will ever be. So sad to think that in a few short years he will start growing a beard and talking with a low voice. I wish I could just pause time because it moves too fast.

Height: 31.5 inches (96%)
Weight: 21pounds, 3oz - less than 50%
Shoes: squeezing into size 4
Diapers: 3 during the day, 4 at night
Teeth: 8, feeling some molars getting close
Clothing: mostly size 12-18 months

Titus loves: opening and closing things, filling and emptying things, playing peekaboo, his big sister, climbing on anything he can, playing with the cords on the blinds, eating spaghetti, most animals, being outside, eating dirt or rocks or chicken food, going for walks and exploring outdoors.
Looking so big!

Titus hates: bathtime, new people, new situations, sitting still, diaper changes, doctor appointments, riding in the car.
Yup.... hates bathtime. 

This month, we had a few rough sleeping nights. We've hit a sleep regression or something. Who knows - maybe some teeth coming in? Anyways, Titus has been waking up 2-3 times a night again. Yawn. He'll have a couple good nights thrown in there, just to get us excited. Stinker. Before the sleep regression, he was pretty much sleeping through the night or would do an 8-10 hour stretch, wake, eat, and sleep for another couple hours.
Another love: playing in his Uncle Matt's old cars (he likes Daddy's car, too)

He is napping great, and will either take two good naps or one long nap and go to bed early. He likes his sleep! I do nurse him before naps and bed, but he rarely falls asleep while nursing. When done nursing, he arches his back and wiggles away from me. I set him in his bed and he promptly rolls over, butt in the air and closes his eyes.
Rough when mommy wakes you up from your nap

Titus has hit an extreme whiny phase. Most of his life is spent pointing and grunting or whining or shrieking at stuff. I am trying to teach him sign language and simple words in order to make both our lives happier. So far, we're not getting anywhere. He knows "uh-oh", sometimes will say "dada" and that's still it. No mama from him yet!