Thursday, July 11, 2013

Georgia's sayings

Like most other 2 year olds, she is talking up a storm. She mostly asks "Why?" about 3,502 times a day. But she also has some funny sayings and ideas. She will ask, "Why this song?" or "Why you do that?" or "Why you eat that?" or "Why the sun out?" Seriously, its just all. day. long.

The other day she got a little ouchie. Nothing major, just a bump. She sat down on the couch next to me and grabbed my phone and said, "I think playing games [on mommy's iphone] will help me feel better"

She is also in a very lovey-dovey mood with daddy lately. If she is getting ready for bed, and has not done so yet, she will jump up run out of the room to find Dave and suddenly say, "I need to give Daddy hugs and kisses!" 

I've been giving her two kisses at night (because she is two), and she always goes on to say, "I be 3 soon.... and then 4.... and then 5........ (and so on, usually ending around 9). Yikes! How is she getting so old so quickly?

When asked her name by other kids (usually at the playground or playplace), she gives them her whole name, "Georgia Ruth Wallace!" Poor other kids don't understand what she is saying. We're working on just saying her first name when asked.

She is very excited for her birthday. She will say, usually at least one time each day, "After baby's birthday then comes my birthday!" (if you don't know, I'm pregnant and due this fall).

When we get into the car, Georgia likes to tell me, "My tummy not full!" Oftentimes I have snacks in the car for her to munch on, and she enjoys asking me for them. She will say this statement when she is hungry, too.