Monday, April 29, 2013

More Georgia-isms

This morning brought several funny statements and I thought that I should write them down so I don't forget!

Georgia was sitting on my lap and I while I shaved yesterday, I am starting to get some stubble on my legs. She said something to the effect of "ouch!" and I put her on the bed and we were feeling how smooth Georgia's legs were and how smooth or rough my legs were. She felt my legs and then immediately took her hands to my face and said, "Still have a beard!" in a very cheeky voice. Dave and I just burst into laughter and then Georgia laughed and said, "boys have beards!"
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Gloves on feet. Half-naked kid. Popsicle on a rainy day 

After using the potty, I asked Georgia if she wanted to put on her underwear. She said, "NO. Wearing bottom" (as in her butt).

I got a book about crickets from the library. We were talking about how crickets have strong legs (and muscles) and they can jump high. She said, "I have strong feet! I jump high too!"

Saturday, April 13, 2013


They do lots of climbing over and through things

We have had Georgia in gymnastics for 10 weeks, I think. We do it through the city, and the program is just great. Her class is relatively small - about 8 to 10 kids (and their parents). Her coach has just been completely awesome. She is very energetic, loud (helps when you have ten 2-year-olds!), enthusiastic and encouraging.
Forward roll (and her coach next to her)

The way gymnastics works is they have different circuits or courses for the kids to go through. They are long enough that most of the time all the kids can be completing it at the same time. There is very little sitting around.
Her favorite activity - the trampoline!

Some of the things they do are: walking on balance beams, climbing on nets, jumping, forward rolls, hanging from uneven bars, and starting to do the basics of things like: back bend, cartwheel, and handstand. They have a trampoline they get to use, some slides, and a zip line.
Uncle Jon helping her do a hand stand

Every single day (almost without fail), Georgia asks if she gets to go to gymnastics.
another coach helping Georgia do a "monkey hang"

Some things I love about it: a place where Georgia is stretched physically to do things I would not otherwise teach her. Teaching her about following directions from adults in authority. She has to learn to wait her turn and have patience.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

28 months

So, I am quite late with this post. We have been really busy, Grandma and Grandpa Hall and Uncle Jon came to visit us over Easter. Also, I did start a post, and the computer ate it. Oh well.
At the beach in Santa Barbara

Weight: 32ish pounds
Height: 38ish inches
Shoes: Mostly size 9 now
Diapers: size 6

An artsy type picture taken early in the morning. Relaxing on the couch

Our month started off with a weekend trip to Santa Barbara to see some friends we have up there. They have two little girls, one being about 6 months older than Georgia. They got along so well, and it was fun to see them playing together! Too bad they don't live closer - I'm sure Georgia and her would be great friends.
The weather has been warm this month

She is quickly becoming a little person with her own mind and her own thoughts and ideas. She is quite the conversationalist and is able to engage in conversations now, back and forth with whomever she is talking. She has many ideas for what she wants to do, and who she wants to see.
Dave and Georgia before our 5K Color run (she sat in the stroller most of the way)

She still loves reading books. She has a fairly long attention span, and we read Dr. Seuss, and some of the older Curious George books (some are 70+ pages long!). We typically read 3 books before naptime and another three before bedtime. We also read occasionally throughout the day, if she asks. We try to go to the library once a week.

After the color run. And yes, she was this colorful. She had a pink scalp for a week!

We talk a ton about obedience verses disobedience. This is a very difficult subject, and I'm sure it will be something that we talk about for years to come. Oftentimes, its about something silly like, "Sit down on that potty" or "put on your shoes". She does a fairly good job when we are on walks listening to us about stopping at intersections and such.

Easter Egg hunt at church.... lots of scraped knees somedays. 

We are in a Veggie Tales-loving-period right now. For a while it was Mickey Mouse, and that is slowly waning and turning into a Veggie Tales love. We are able to watch some of the movies on Amazon Prime (for free!) and have gotten a few other ones from the library. The latest one we watched was Esther, and she watched it twice yesterday ;) I really enjoy the Veggie Tales because it brings up some good conversations. We talk about why we shouldn't be scared (Where's God When I'm Scared), different Bible stories - especially Esther, David & Goliath and also Daniel in the Lions Den. She loves the CD (also free from the library) and will ask, "What does this song mean?" I love that we have conversations and I can tell her Bible stories and explain to her the importance in them.

Georgia is still almost potty trained. She uses the potty, but pretty much refuses to poop. There has been a little improvement lately, and I have hope that someday soon we will be fully there! We are also cutting out milk before nap and bedtime. She is sleeping pretty well, but I think that her wet diapers sometimes wake her up in the morning, earlier than I would like her to be up. Most nights she sleeps through the night, and occasionally she will either have a bad dream, or will have a wet diaper (usually around 5 or 6am) or will be cold. She is needing less sleep, and will sleep about 10-12 hours a night, and then take a nap 5 or 6 days of the week.