Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Titus at 8 months

Well, we have reached the 8 month mark. I remember loving this age and stage, and I love it again. Titus is learning new things every day, he is much easier now and falls into his schedule and routine. He is interactive and has a personality but can't talk back or disobey (too much yet!).

Height: 28 inches
Weight: around 18.5 pounds
Diapers: size 3 (we use cloth diapers maybe 80% of the time)
Teeth: 5 currently in, working on #6 and 7
Shoes: don't wear them ;)

Brown-eyed boy

Titus has come to have a schedule of sorts now. He wakes up every morning at 6:20 pretty much on the dot. There are a few exceptions to that rule, and they come very infrequently. First nap is between 7:30 and 8, and he sleeps until 9 or 9:30. He is then awake until lunchtime, and he will sleep again from 11:30 or so until 2:30. Most of the time he doesn't take a third nap. He will go to bed then around 7. Some nights we have activities and we are out later, or some days his naps are shorter. When that happens, we will try to squeeze a third nap into our day.
fun in the mirror

Most nights he still wakes up twice to eat. When he is teething, he wakes up 8-10 times a night. Ugh! Georgia never had so many problems with teeth, but they really seem to bother Titus. We had one week where Titus was sleeping great - only waking up once each night. His best night of sleep, he slept 11 hours straight, woke up for a feed, then slept another two hours. Hopefully that is a sign of what's to come after all the teeth come in.
Now into everything

Physically, Titus is ahead of where Georgia was at this age. He is sitting, can pull up to standing, can stand by himself for a second or two (I think he could do more, but he hasn't tried). He is very steady and can "walk" around holding onto hands or objects in the room. The thing is - he barely holds on and needs any steadying! I think sometime in the next week or two we will see him try to take steps on his own. At Grandma's house, he was able to crawl up two stairs all by himself.
He does not enjoy the beach

He is already getting into trouble! He is quick with crawling and will disappear into rooms of the house that we're not in. I've found him sticking his hands in the toilet. He loves to pull on the power cord in his room that is attached to the fan - he loves it because it makes the fan tip over. He loves to eat paper. We've already found a little toy of Georgia's in his diaper (he ate it!). He loves clicking his tongue and closing doors. He hates bathes. With a passion. He is so snuggly! This is probably my favorite thing about him. He gives great hugs (and some kisses, although now that he has teeth its a little painful). His favorite place to sleep is in my arms. I will miss this.
My early-morning riser

His favorite person is still Georgia. Although he knows his whole family, and will gladly go to all of us. He follows Georgia around throughout the day, playing next to her and trying to take her toys. He will reach his arms out for Dave and Grandma and Aunt Ky (but not Grandpa, Matt or Kate - yet!). He is scared of new people and places. He cries in the nursery (when we leave him)

Looking for his sister