Saturday, July 7, 2007


Life has been great! Since the last post, I started working at the YMCA in La Canada. I am an assistant director at one of the day camps there and have a staff of about 6 or 7 (depending on the week) and 50+ kids. I have enjoyed work tremendously and stay very, very busy....

I had my birthday on July 1st and enjoyed a relaxing day - got some breakfast with my husband, read the newspaper, went to church, ate some lunch, and hung out with his family that had just gotten back from around the world.

Dave is currently in London for this next week. He is teaching at a conference for the microfinance institutions in World Vision. He is excited to be meeting all the people he talks to online and over the phone.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

our new car....

It's kinda like having a baby. Except it is not as needy. But, it is a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

one last week of freedom

Dave had his birthday on Saturday. I had a camp meeting that morning, but that evening we were able to celebrate by going out to California Pizza Kitchen with Ben and Natalie. We had a relaxing weekend, going to church for the first time in a month since it was the first weekend we were back in town.

I learned that I have passed 2 out of the 3 sections of the CSET, the test that I need to take in order to get my teaching credential! I will be taking the last section on History (World, US and California) and Literature (reading, phonics, etc.) in July.

Dave and I are currently in the process of getting a car. It is quite exciting and provides us a lot to talk about. We are hoping to have a car by the end of this week. Currently, it is between a Honda Fit, a Nissan Sentra, and a Volkswagen Rabbit.

I really begin work on Friday of this week. I will be at camp until the last week in August. It is a full-time job, and will be quite exhausting. I am so excited to be around kids and to also be somewhat in charge of what we do. I feel quite unqualified because I have never had a job like this. It will be a great learning experience for me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to the grind

Dave has returned from a ten day trip to Malawi (in Africa). He had a great time there and was able to learn quite a bit. He told me that Africa is quite lovely and he has many interesting stories. While he was gone, I took a trip to Phoenix to visit Shawna. It was good to see her again, and we had fun hanging out. We got to do some girly things that I don't get to do when Dave is around.

Dave is back at work this week. He is enjoying his job tremendously. I am working at a YMCA day camp this summer. We have training this week and next, and then camp begins the last week in June. I am an assistant director, meaning that I get to be involved with the campers as well as with directing the staff! I am very excited and cannot wait to see what this summer holds for me.