Friday, May 24, 2013

The best days of our life

I have been watching 19 Kids and Counting lately. If you don't know that show, its the Duggar family who have literally 19 kids. They feel very blessed to have that many kids, and would love to have even more. Basically, because they are so different than what society says is normal, they are misunderstood and criticized for their beliefs.

In one of the episodes, several of their younger kids are sick. Throwing up. Coughing. Fever. When your kids are sick is one of the worst times to be a parent. You are worried, extra busy cleaning up, washing hands, keeping sick kids away from well kids, etc. Jim and Michelle, the parents, had the best attitude about having sick kids. I'm sure part of it comes from so many years of experience. But one of the things they said really stuck with me. "These are the best days of our life".

That phrase has come to my mind a lot lately.

These are the best days of my life while Georgia and Dave pretend to be water buffaloes (thanks to Veggie Tales) and run around the house, poking people and things with their "horns". (do water buffaloes even have horns?)

These are the best days of my life when listening to the same CD the same three kids songs over and over and over again while driving in the car.

These are the best days of my life even when I'm awoken at 2am because of her bad dream about bears. Someday I am going to wish my girl was still little enough that I could climb in bed with her.

These are the best days of my life when she fights naptime and I hear her saying, "I took a good nap, mommy! Time to get up!" because I am so blessed to have a little one, and really she is a good sleeper (most of the time)

These are the best days of my life when I find a corn cob in her baby's stroller, my makeup brushes in her bed, the kitchen tongs in the office and my high heel shoes strew all over the house.

These are the best days of my life as I struggle to figure out how to remove stains from t-shirts, as I am continually buying clothes for the little one Georgia because she never stops growing!

These are the best days of my life. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

29 months

Well, another month has just flown past us. This month has been quite a bit more summer-like in weather (how are we actually going to survive the even-hotter months of July and August???). We've gone to the water park a few times. We spend a lot of the middle of the day indoors where it's cooler. Our schedule is still very busy between gymnastics, Bible Study, small groups and play dates.
Dying Easter eggs after Easter. 
Weight: 33.6
Height: same - around 38 inches

A favorite activity - playing in the dirt

The newest news is that Georgia is now "officially" potty trained. It has been a straight 14 nights since she had a wet diaper, and she has slept with underwear on for about 7 nights now. She has not had any accidents. She is pooping maybe 5 out of 7 times in the potty, and now will only poop in a diaper if it has been a while and she was too busy to poop during the day (and then I will put a diaper on at naptime/nighttime because I know there is a greater chance of her pooping).

update 5/11 - since I've had this written for 2 weeks and never posted it.... she had one nighttime wet diaper (she was wearing a diaper) and she woke up and told me she had to pee, asked if her diaper was on, then wanted me to change it. She has also had one night where she woke up at 2am and told me she had to go. We went to the potty and then she went back to bed. She is now pooping all the time in the potty, and has still had no accidents or problems.

Her imagination has just taken off. She plays pretend with her animals. She wears mommy's high heel shoes. She brings me pretend food to eat. She loves the baby dolls that she has and will feed them and take care of them.
Georgia and her second cousin, Sawyer

She is napping and sleeping really well. When we're in our routine, she will nap every day. Still occasionally or most often on Saturdays she doesn't want to take her nap. Most naps are 1.5 hours. She is sleeping through the night.

Georgia is playing a lot more independently. She will find toys to play with and entertain herself for a while. Of course this always happens when I am ready to leave the house or move onto something else. When I am busy and need to get stuff done she always wants to play with me (of course).
a dance party at Disneyland

One of our biggest struggles with her is that she doesn't like to stay in her chair at meal times. I really think this is something she will outgrow and mature into. Sometimes we put her in her high chair, just so she sits still. Other times we read books to her as we eat to keep her interest.