Thursday, October 10, 2013


Lately, Georgia has many questions. I remember asking some of these same questions when I was a kid, too. Being a parent of a kid with lots of questions is both interesting and exhausting. Here are some of the things she wonders about:
From Georgia's first camping trip a couple weekends ago

-Where is that man going?
-If we are going to any place, she wonders if all the people in cars are also going to that place with us
        - example: we were driving home last night and she asked if everyone else was going to our house, too
-Where does this person live?
-Where are her friends houses? (she wants to know which direction they live in from wherever we are)
-What is Sawyer (insert any friend's name here) doing now?
-Why or why not? (comes after almost everything)

Candy for breakfast in the morning after camping

Frustrating questions:
-For example, she will pick out her clothes and then ask, "why do I wear this, mommy?"
-Or she wants to use the big potty (rather than her little potty) and then will ask, "why I use the big potty?"
- I bought her some new shoes and then she asks, "why I like these shoes, mommy?"

Theological Questions:
-Where does God live?
- Where does Jesus live?
- Why does he live there?
- Where is heaven?
- Does (insert name of person) know Jesus?
- Why do they  or do they not know Jesus?