Sunday, November 1, 2015

Titus' 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! You are a mama's boy through and through, and would do anything to get me to carry you all day long, hand feed you, or sleep with you at night. I don't mind too much because I know you will someday be a big boy, and outgrow your need for your mama. You also have time throughout the day where you show me how much of a boy you really are. There is no debating that! From jumping off whatever you can find, to climbing dressers, counters and bookshelves. You love to pee in the grass, and drive your little matchbox cars everywhere. You sleep with your trains and carry your blankets everywhere we go. You can ride your scooter like the best of them and love all animals that you meet (but not bugs.... you run and scream when you see bugs). You still love your paci and blankets. You don't cry anymore when I leave you in the nursery. You love your grandparents and aunts and uncles so much. You're starting to do things to make people laugh - I think you'll someday be the class clown.

Weight: around 27 pounds
Height: 36 inches? (doctor claimed he was above 97%, but I don't think they measured him correctly)
Clothing: 2T, 3T
Shoe: size 8 & 9
Teeth: getting 2 year molars, one has popped through, one is coming and two more not in sight
Diapers: size 4 & 5, although potty training and wearing underwear during the day

this kiddo loves his animals!

Sleep: We weaned the last month or two, in hopes that it would encourage Titus to sleep better at night. And he does - about half the time. Some nights he sleeps through, and other nights he's up two or three times, and still other nights he comes crashing into our room, and snuggles down in "daddys bed" as he calls it and sleeps right in the middle, between mommy & daddy. Mommy doesn't mind too much but daddy doesn't sleep as well those nights.

Food: He is now eating a more regular amount of food. He still eats more than Georgia does at most meals, but doesn't seem starving all the time. As far as we know, he still has his food allergies, as we have not yet given him any of the offending foods.

Activity: never-ending. This is the fun thing about boys! He has to be moving all the time. Running, jumping, scootering, playing in the sand box, chasing the chickens around the yard, climbing onto things, etc.

yes, he climbed

Titus' favorite:
- color: orange
- food: broccoli
- drink: coffee (that's what he says!)
- animal: cow
- book: Go Dog Go

yes, he climbed up here too