Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Titus is 17 months (and a 16 month update too)

This month has marked improvements in speech and interests. The biggest change this month is his interest in trucks. He talks about trucks all day long. Truck, truck, truck, truck. He knows the garbage truck comes down the alley next to our house and will point to it. I show him videos about garbage trucks and we have gone to a construction site near our house (many times!) where he can watch all the tractors and excavators.

Height: 33.5 inches (80th %)
Weight: 23.5 pounds (15th %)
Clothing size: 18-24 month, some 2T

His sleep is slowly getting better. He is usually up once during the night, and sleeps from about 6/6:30pm - 6/6:30am. (Now that the time has changed, he is sleeping around 7-7 or even 8-8. Its much nicer!) Some days he takes two naps, but most days he takes one. (I think now at the end of March, he has finally completed the transition!!) I'm waiting for another month or two before his nap schedule gets more regular. His naps really depend on how tired he is and how much sleep he got the night before. Today, for example, he was awake at 6:30 (had a late night last night at small group), so was tired enough for a nap at 8:30. He took a second nap at 2. Some days he only will take one (long) nap for about three hours (although it can be anywhere from 2-4 hours long) and it'll be around 10 or 11am.
His silly face

Allergies are still around. He has a very strong, immediate reaction to soy which is characterized by hyperactivity. Basically, when he eats even the littlest bit of it, he won't sleep. He seems pretty happy and content, but would be awake all night long. He also has a reaction to dairy. I think he had some about a month ago, and he woke up 3-4 times throughout the night, seemed fussy, had gross diapers for the next couple weeks. Thankfully I've been more strict about watching what he eats, and since he's been eating better he's also been sleeping better.

My brown-eyed son

The last couple weeks he has been working on his climbing skill. He has always known how to climb, but the last week he has gotten good. He can now climb up the ladder to Georgia's lofted bed (Lord, help me!) which is about 6-7 feet high. And of course he doesn't know how to climb down. He has climbed onto the top of Georgia's playhouse outside (didn't know he could do that!). I came walking around the corner just as he was sliding off the top of the house. He has also learned how to step down. He can "walk" down steps like a normal person, holding onto nothing. He tries to jump off low chairs (probably because his sister loves to jump). Basically he's busy, busy, busy all day long.
He is a tummy sleeper and moves all over the place while he sleeps

He has started talking a bit more. He often just says part of a word, like, "guck" for truck or garbage truck and "mo" for more. "EEse" is please, "ba-pa" is Grandpa and "na-na" is grandma. He makes a lot of copying sounds, so has said things like, "da-pa" for diaper. He says mama and dada but doesn't have a word for Georgia yet. He also sings, "gooooo!" from Let it Go and can say something that sounds similar to "set, GO!" Today he started saying "ca-cer" for cracker. He can shake his head for yes and no, and so will answer questions quite emphatically.

He liked the beach- but not the water so much! 

Also as of yesterday (3/26), he can go potty on the toilet. When I take his diaper off, I've been giving him a chance to sit on the toilet. He concentrates so hard, and always manages to pushes out a couple drops of potty. Every single time! Its never more than a couple drops, but he makes it happen, so we're celebrating it. It also is really quick - happening within about 10 seconds of him sitting on the toilet. We've been eating lots of chocolate chips around here!

For the most part, Titus and Georgia play together a ton. They make up their own games. Georgia enjoys making him laugh and will make funny noises or do goofy things to get him to laugh. They also get into trouble together - climbing up to Georgia's lofted bed or Georgia helping him in and out of his crib. They have some problems sharing (naturally) toys, but they both love each other so much. It makes a mama's heart happy. Georgia has to say goodnight to him or she has tears at bedtime. If either of them are hurt or crying, the other one either has sympathy tears or comes to see whats wrong.