Friday, February 6, 2015

Titus at 15 months

Titus is now a happy 15 month old. This last month was a painful one for everyone, filled with teething mostly. He now has all of his teeth (until the 2 year molars come). Praise the Lord!

This month was also a month filled with "conquering", our first trip to the ER (well, second if you count that one time we thought he may have eaten a battery and when we got there realized that no, he hadn't eaten anything so we left), and a little bit of talking.

Weight: around 23 pounds
Height: around 32.5 inches
Teeth: 16!!!! (never been so excited about this!)
Shoe size: 6
Clothing size: mostly 18 months (some 12month pants still fit)

We had our first trip to the ER - like I mentioned up there. It all started at the park when I was trying to wipe his nose (runny from all that teething I mentioned). He jerked his head away from me, and ended up falling sideways onto the cement ground. Pretty hard, right on his head. He took one of those deep breaths and just passed out. Never got the cry out. He was out for maybe 10 seconds at the most, and I was pretty sure it was just because of shock and the whole not breathing thing. The other moms at the park freaked out, and after finally getting a hold of our new doctor/insurance (this was the first Monday of the year after we changed insurance, and didn't have any cards or anything yet), they wanted us to take Titus in to the ER. By this time, it had been over an hour since he passed out and he was seemingly fine. No bruise, no throwing up, no confusion. Completely normal. But, I complied and drove him to the ER where we sat for three (or maybe four) hours. We got checked in, but waited and waited and waited. There was too many people there (probably because it was the first Monday in the new year). After all this waiting, we finally just left. Titus was acting completely normal (still), and mind you normal for him is crawling on the ground, climbing on chairs, touching everything and putting things in his mouth. None of those are great in an ER. I'm hoping we never get a bill for that terrible day!

I also mentioned "conquering". Titus is a boy. Boys like to do things just to see if they can do them. They climb, they jump, they explore, etc. Titus has a face of determination when he tries to do all these things. When he finally does it, he has conquered! And then its time to find something else to conquer. He loves walking on the cement edges - around the park, in the parking lot, etc. Its much like a balance beam. He climbs on the table and chairs. He loves trying to build with duplos. He gets that same look of determination while he stacks the pieces together.

Titus is finally done teething. He had a rough go of it. Seven teeth in about three weeks. He is not a fun teether. Whiny, feverish, runny nose, sleeps poorly, etc. He is finally back to normal (although he has a slight cough at night - I think he has Dave's cold!).

Titus has been talking a bit more than previous. He now says "up" a lot. He says when he goes up the stairs, when he goes down, when he wants to be picked up.... basically he says it for movement. His other words include "dada", "eh-ma" (mama), "up", and "ah!" (hi). He also sings the phrase "let it go!" almost perfectly. He just started saying "na!" (no) and "eese" (please). He is also randomly using sign language - more and please and eat. He basically uses any of those signs anytime he wants something. For example, yesterday he brought me his sock and signed the word "more". I knew that he wanted me to put his sock on, although technically the words he used weren't correct.

Other stuff: He is a book lover, nature lover, and animal lover. He pulls all the books out of his boxes and brings them to me, especially the books that have animals in them. He can make many animal noises - cow (his favorite), duck & chicken (which sound very similar), fish (puckers his lips - super cute!), pig, birds, horse and sheep. He absolutely loves watching the garbage truck and any other truck. He could spend all day outdoors. (Thankfully we live somewhere with nice weather and he can spend lots of time outside!) He loves rocks and sticks and dirt.

One of his other favorite things - playing in daddy's car

His sleep has been really rough this month, mostly due to the teething. He had two nights in a row where he slept 11+ hours straight (amazing!) and I was sure he was done teething..... then the next night he was awake 7 times. So I checked, and sure enough there was one lone tooth struggling to make its way through. It took a couple nights, but it finally came through. He is sleeping better, but has been waking himself up with coughing fits. I really do think once this cold of his is gone we're at the end of the sleep-deprivation tunnel!
The reason why he has so many bruises/bumps/scratches - he has to conquer everything!

The other thing that has been difficult with his sleep is that he transitioned from two naps, down to one. He usually takes one long nap from about 10-12am. If I try to push that nap later in the day, he is overtired and sleeps poorer or takes a shorter nap. This makes for a long afternoon, and an early bedtime. Hopefully as he gets more used to his one nap-a-day, he'll be able to handle the long stretches better.
After a year of bath-hating, he finally likes bathes! 

He is an eater! He out-eats Georgia every day. He always amazes me at how much he eats. Since he still has some allergies to soy and dairy, we have to be careful with what he eats. But, we went to In-N-Out last weekend and he ate 2 1/2 hamburger patties (plus quite a few french fries!). This morning for breakfast he ate two fried eggs (along with some oatmeal). He eats mostly fruits, veggies & meats, although one of his favorite foods is salsa.