Friday, October 3, 2014

Titus at 11 months

This month has been a hot, sticky one. We had a week of over 110 degrees, and our air conditioning broke on the first day. Thankfully we have grandparents who have a nice large house and live close-by, because it took 4 nights until our air was fixed. When the man came to fix the air conditioner, it was 95 degrees in our house. Titus this month has been expanding his skills. He loves to climb onto anything he can reach. He is also an excellent eater, and many meals he out-eats Georgia. Him and Georgia get along so well, and it brings joy to my soul to see them playing together.
Eating some beets

Weight: 21 pounds
Height: 31 inches
Shoe size: 4s!
Diapers: 3s during the day, 4s at night
Teeth: 8 still. I've noticed he has a severe lip tie, so am thinking about having it fixed.

Food: Titus is eating a lot. Seriously. So. Much. In the morning, I've discovered he likes oatmeal. I make him a 1/4 cup, and many times he eats all or most of it. He nurses an hour or two later, before his nap. At lunchtime, he eats whatever we have: leftovers, slice of bread, hunks of chicken, puffs, rice, applesauce, whatever. He likes to feed himself, and uses a spoon and a bowl for a while (before ditching the spoon and digging in with his hands). He is fairly messy, but I stick him on the tile floor for an easy-er clean up. Again, he nurses after lunch and then takes a nap. When often eats several times in the evening. He gets hungry around 4, so he will eat either what I'm making for dinner, or have a snack. Then when we eat dinner closer to 6, he will have another meal. He likes flavorful things - pico de gallo and brushetta were big hits with him.
Going shopping is difficult. He doesn't like to sit in the cart.... then there is lots of climbing and pulling things off the shelf when he gets down

Sleep: Our schedule is much more routine these days. He usually wakes up around 6:30. He naps around 8:30, then has another nap around 1pm. He likes to be in bed around 6:30 or 7, although there are several nights during the week where this isn't possible. At night, he usually wakes up once. Last night he gave me a 9-hour stretch. He normally wakes up to eat around 10pm, then will sleep until morning or close to morning (getting up at 5am, then going back to sleep for an hour). It is nice because his long stretch is when I am sleeping, so I mostly feel rested these days. A funny thing about his sleep is that he is very active. Georgia was never this way, but he moves from end to end of his crib (in his sleep). He faces one way, then the other, rolling around, changing directions, but almost always keeping his butt up in the air.
This was one of the first times that he fed himself. He has gotten a lot cleaner, thankfully! Also, he is signing "all done"

Activity: climbing, walking, getting dirty, carrying sticks and rocks around, wrestling with Georgia, playing hide and seek with her - she will run and hide somewhere and yell his name until he comes to "find" her. He loves playing outside (so great that it is starting to get cooler and now we can go outside) and will climb on our slide that we have. He walks around in circles, picking up sticks and rocks, and often eating them. He splashes in our water table, and tries to climb in and out of our cozy coupe car. If he can, he will climb on top of tables, chairs and anything else that is reachable. He loves the blankets that he sleeps with and will drag them around the house. When he gets tired he will curl up on top of the blanket.
Lots and lots of wrestling in this house

Another favorite game of his is putting items into a container and then emptying it. He does this with legos, toy cars, dominoes, etc. Basically anything small enough to hold!
The only picture I have (so far) of his lip tie. I'm going to need at least three hands to take a real picture of it
He is barely talking, although he has a few ways to communicate. He pulls on my legs and yells, "ah, ah, ah" when he wants me to pick him up. He does say da-da. He will mimic things such as "tank-oo" for thank you. He says "uh-oh" perfectly. He seems to understand much of what I ask him, and will answer by his facial expressions or his frantic "uh-uh". He is such a joy to have around. We all love him. Georgia will always beg (when she is doing something she doesn't want to do) to "go play with Titus" and I have to admit he gives the best cuddles. Dave loves coming home from work to see him - Titus will lumber over and hug his legs tight and want to be picked up. Usually hes so excited, his arms end up hitting Dave in the face.