Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Georgia's 33-34 months

So, I know I have a few readers, but mostly I do these blog posts for me. It is so nice to have a record of things that Georgia was accomplishing and we were doing several years ago. I definitely don't remember all of it! I always think I will, but I don't. I can't imagine how much I will forget when we have more than one kid.
Vacation #1 - at Huntington Beach on a nature walk

This summer has been insanely busy. And a few days of nothing mixed in. We've had a week at the beach with the Wallaces, and a week in Wisconsin with the Halls. We also were house-sitting at the beach for two weeks. We've done trips to the zoo, trips to the museums, swimming lessons, playing with friends, the splash pad, and so on.

Height: 40 inches - she's grown another half an inch the last month
Weight: 35 pounds
Shoe size: 9s and 10s
Her first 4th of July in the US! Watching the parade

We've been having a lot of struggles on the napping/bedtime fronts. Georgia just doesn't like taking naps (so she tells me). There is usually one or two days (or three) a week  where she just refuses. And then other days where she is so tired she sleeps for 3+ hours in one day. She doesn't seem to understand that even when she doesn't nap, she still spends 2-3 hours in her bed - the same amount of time she would (or maybe even more!) than if she just fell asleep.  We've spent some time in hotels and other people's houses (housesitting) and surprisingly she napped well in those places. I wonder if her room is too hot and too bright - I need to work on getting some blackout curtains up in her room to help with the light.
Vacation #2 in Wisconsin - eating lots of yummy ice cream!

Georgia is becoming a daddy's girl. Although she pretends not to want Dave, she loves getting kisses from him (and will wipe them off afterwards!). I think the highlight of her day is when he comes home and wrestles with her. She will play football with him, play hide and seek, "fight" and anything that involves wrestling and getting on the floor.
"vacation" housesitting at the beach

Georgia has been in love with books. She has always loved books, but I think she loves them more than ever. Many of the books we read are quite advanced - I remember reading them in 1st or 2nd grade. Also, she can recognize all the letters now and knows quite a few of the sounds they make. We're also working on reading short words - "go", "me", and "no".

Georgia is almost swimming! She took swimming lessons back in June and promptly forgot everything she learned. Well, not exactly, but she didn't want to replicate them for anyone. We never bought her any floaties (on purpose - she needs to learn to swim!) and instead she would hang onto a noodle while in the pool. Well this last weekend we were in San Diego and the hotel had an awesome pool. In addition, her little cousins were all there and they swim. So, of course she wanted to join them, and she did. One thing that really helped was borrowing some swim goggles. Now she has no problem putting her head into the water and going for it!
Still while housesitting

Things she is into these days: Veggie Tales (her love of Mickey Mouse is waning), doing puzzles, doing "school" (I bought some workbooks, and she loves things like connect-the-dots and mazes), helping mommy with whatever I am doing - folding laundry and putting it away. She loves playing with kids (and adults). We have been going to McDonalds at least once a week so she can play in the air conditioning since it is so hot outside. We started gymnastics up again and she is doing great and loving it! We're in the mommy-and-me class, and I hope that in a couple weeks she will move up to the independent class so it will be easier on me when the baby arrives.

Here is the video of her swimming this weekend: