Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Vacation

A little over a month ago my family came out to California and we had an awesome family vacation. It was a wonderful time, and sort of a last hurrah before Dave and I leave, and before my brother Tim became a world traveler.  My brother is currently working for World Vision in Kigali, Rwanda. He is completing an internship there and will be heading back to the US in July. 

This is most of the family. From left: Teresa (my sister), Dave (hubby), 
Dad and Mom, and my brother Tim. We're missing myself
 and my other brother Jon

Dave and I

So, the family drove out from Colorado and spent a day with us before we left for our cruise. We visited my work, went to our church, and watched some 80s movies. The next morning we left for San Diego. Our cruise left out of San Diego. We had one day at sea, a day at Catalina Island, and finally a day in Ensenada. The weather was warm the whole trip, and we had a little bit of rain one of the nights. 

These are my siblings. We were watching the ship depart. Tim, Teresa and Jonathan. 

The family watching the sunset/moonrise on the first night on board the ship

My youngest (not littlest) brother, Jon

Teresa and I during the formal night

Sorry Dave.... bad picture (but you get to see how Jon likes to jump into pictures!)

On Catalina, they have the most AWESOME mini-golf course. Its a full 18 holes, and has some of the most unique things I've ever seen on a golf course. So much fun! If you ever go to Catalina I would definitely recommend that you do the mini golf course there. 

Teresa, Jon, me, Dad and Tim in Ensenada. 
This is the taco cart that we ate at - and no - none of us got sick :)

It was such an awesome vacation. Thanks so much mom and dad! The cruise was an awesome trip to take because it allowed all of us the ability to relax. No one had to be worried about preparing dinner, planning any activities or making a bed. We had fun playing mini-golf on the cruise ship, watching Karaoke, sleeping on the deck in the sun, exploring Avalon and Ensenada and watching some of the cruise ship shows. 

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