Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dave says I'm not putting enough pictures on the blog. Too much writing. So, here you go!

As we are in a waiting pattern, Dave and I have been trying to make the best of our time as a family of two. I have drug him out of the house, promising Starbucks, in exchange for spending time in the cold outdoors. 

These are some pictures from the last few times we've gone out. We caught a bus near our house and took it up the hill to Wimbledon Common area. 

Sorry about the raindrop on the lens... oops. That's what happens when we have no umbrella with us. 

We ended up getting off the bus too early and then had trouble finding an entrance to the park, so instead we walked through some of the more "posh" neighborhoods. It was a cooler afternoon and we had some sprinkles as we started the walk (unfortunate because I forgot the umbrella). 

But, it did clear up pretty quickly and then the sun peaked out just for a bit. It really was a beautiful evening. 

This is the name of the borough we live in. 

Here's a picture of me... I am around 37.5 weeks here. 

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