Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visa Issues

Georgia does not have her visa yet to live in the UK. We've applied for it, but the laws have changed and we actually have to go into an office to get her "biometrics" taken (fingerprints). Yeah. Seriously! When she and I came back into the UK (Dave had come home a week ahead of us) the Immigration Officer allowed us to enter the country for a maximum of 2 months. That means that we need to have her visa taken care of by the beginning of May. This wouldn't be a terribly big deal normally (we could live here illegally until our appointment) but we have a trip to France coming up (yay! a vacation!). The fear is that they will not let Georgia back into the country.

We have finally contacted the company that is "taking care" of the visa, and there are no appointments. None! They said the first appointments are in July. We're hoping that there is another office somewhere else in the country that we could travel and take care of this. Another option would be that Dave and I submit our own passports for 5-6 weeks. This is pretty much impossible because Dave has trips for work coming up (and our trip to France). The last option is that Georgia and I fly to the US to try to take care of the visa there.

Please pray for us as we try to figure this all out!

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