Tuesday, March 6, 2012

15 months

I have to admit this month has been the most challenging (yet!) for me! I'm not sure if its because Dave has been out of town or if the dreary British winter is beginning to wear on me, or if this is just a challenging phase.  That being said, we've been dealing with lots of sleepless days and nights the last couple weeks. Georgia has been sick quite a bit, she also received 4 molars. Dave had 2 weeks of work trips out of the last month, but was thankfully home on the weekends. My brother Tim visited for two nights (a long layover) and also brought some American goodies to us (Velveeta...yummm)

Georgia had her first "haircut" which was a trim of the long straggly part at the back

Weight: 23.4 pounds
Height: 32 inches
Diapers: size 4
Teeth: 12 - has 8 front teeth and 4 molars
New words: bear (her stuffed animal), bye bye (she says very well now), this (when pointing to things), thank you (said clear as day once, but never repeated), Georgia (she says, "Bye, bye, Georgia!" just like everyone else says to her!), blueberries (her new favorite food), hello (when pretending to talk on the phone)

Tired.... right as she started getting sick

When she hasn't been sick and the weather is nice, we go on daily walks to the park. We had a real cold spell the beginning of the month - temperatures below freezing or just above. We had snow twice (yay!) but unfortunately Georgia was a bit sick so we went on a walk to show her the snow, but she wasn't as enthusiastic as I had hoped. The last couple days the temperature has warmed up and the days are getting longer and the playground is very full!

Georgia has begun ignoring most of her books and toys. She loves pulling everything out of the cabinets and climbing up on the sofas (and also jumping off). Her favorite toy is our iPods or iPhones. She has learned how to work them and has her favorite apps - the ones specifically for her and anything that makes music. She also is "addicted" to dogs. She asks multiple times a day to look at dogs on the computer. When I need her to stay put or be entertained for a bit, we'll watch YouTube videos with dogs and/or babies.
Uncle Tim holding a sick baby

Sleep has..... well.... has not been happening lately. I honestly don't know what's going on. Georgia recently began refusing to nap. She still seems just as tired, but will cry/talk/play with her dolls for 1-2 hours. In fact, she seems overtired, and will fall asleep in our arms and then cry and awaken once she hits the crib. We've never had this problem before - she's always been able to settle down and put herself to sleep. She has taken only one nap most of the days last week, and most of those naps were only 30 minutes long. This is a drastic change from the beginning of the month when she was taking two naps a day for a total of usually around 3 hours. Sleep at night hasn't been any better. She is waking up a minimum of two times a night, and most nights its more like 3 or 4 times a night. Needless to say we are all exhausted (and a little grumpy).
Reading in her bedroom

Mealtimes have definitely improved! She has been throwing food much less and eating a little bit more. I don't worry about it as much, and she seems to be happier. She currently loves blueberries and asks for them all the time.
Jumping on the couch

We are still breastfeeding, and it is getting a bit ridiculous as Georgia has to be holding her baby doll and bear, while we breastfeed. Yes, there are now 4 of us in the chair ;)
I am a little biased... but I think she's beautiful!


Andrea, said...

Sorry about the sleep issues. It isn't fun to deal with at all. It might just be one of those things that happens when they are learning new stuff and can't relax as easily.

Alex would do the same thing when he was still nursing and have 2 pooh bears that he HAD to have with him. :)

Andrea, said...

Also, are you in the same room with her at night? Alex didn't stop waking up officially until we moved him out of our room.