Friday, December 7, 2012

2-years old!

Georgia's first wedding
This is obviously quite late. Georgia has been two for over a week now. The reason I am hesitating to post this is that I want to do a "photo-shoot" with her, and haven't gotten to that yet. Oh well! I will try to write about her being two and when I get to taking pictures, I will post them.
She loves being like mommy

Height: 36.5 inches
Weight: 30 pounds
Shoes: 8

Helping mommy make some cookies - probably eating more marshmallows than we used in the cookies 

Speaking: It is amazing the transformation that has happened over the last couple months. Georgia has always had a high vocabulary, but just recently has started putting words together to make sentences. Now, most of the time she speaks in 3+ word sentences. She learns words so quickly, some new ones are "snowman" and "Christmas trees" and "playground", "jamies" and so on. I am guessing she has a vocabulary of 500+ words.

Georgia and her friend Sadie walking in the Christmas "stroll"

Sleeping: Her sleeping still isn't where I want it to be. She wakes up once a night, I think mostly because her diaper is soaking wet. She sleeps from 8pm to 7 or 8am, and then wakes up once from 4:30-6:30 and will go back to sleep after that. Her naps have been a struggle, with her sleeping only 1.5 hours most days - and taking up to an hour to fall asleep.
playing in the rain

Loves: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, stuffed animals, playing pretend, naked time, coloring and painting, nail polish, McDonalds playplace, whatever she can do to be like mommy (pushing a shopping cart around, putting on makeup, nail polish and wearing my shoes)

Hates: bugs, spiders, bees 

She LOVES the beach and asks that we go almost every day

Breakfast the day of her birthday - notice her Mickey Mouse balloon ;)

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