Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 1/2

We had a fairly hot month of May, and Georgia enjoyed playing in our sprinklers

Here we are, halfway through Georgia's third year. It seems sort of odd - in some ways this year has flown by, but it also seems an eternity since we had her 2nd birthday party. In my mind I want to start planning her next one, but I have more than enough time for that ;)
We also made a couple trips to the water park

Height: 39 inches - above 95%
Clothing size: 3T, mostly 4T

Once again, she is completely potty trained. I don't think she's had any accidents. (She had one accident this weekend). She has woken me up in the middle of the night a handful of times because she has needed to go potty or poop. She loves going potty in public restrooms (When I was a child, I was fearful of that for many years!).
She picked out her outfit - complete with accessories!

The one thing we continue to work on is obedience. She hates getting ready for naptime or bedtime and also doesn't like to sit still at the dinner table. Other than those activities, she is rather obedient. She stays close in stores, never wanders off too far in public areas, and is generally a happy girl.


She has been great at playing by herself the last month. She is a great engineer and loves anything that she can build or design. She loves putting together train tracks, building with duplos or with other building blocks. She also is super imaginative. She makes food, plays with her cash register, takes care of babies, plays with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and on and on.

Playing with the Sesame Street playhouse at Nana's house

She knows probably about half of her letters by sight. She can count to 20 most of the time. She can count up to 10 objects with maybe 80% accuracy. She can count up to 5 or 6 objects with 100% accuracy.

Putting a train track together

She sleeps about 11-12 hours at night, and takes a nap most days of the week. Naptime ranges from 1-3 hours.

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