Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Georgia's sayings

Georgia has just been full of good sayings lately. I haven't been writing all of
them down, unfortunately. There are a few though that I want to share (and remember!).

The other day at lunch with Dave. We were sitting outside, enjoying some warm air while eating. There was a larger oldish man and his wife were sitting next to us.  All of a sudden Georgia just asked, "Why does that big man have a big belly?" And of course she has a loud voice and the poor man overheard her. He took it very well and exclaimed, "I've been working on this belly for years!"

Tonight at Grandma and Grandpas house, we were getting ready to leave. Dave was out of town and it was just me and the kids. Grandma asked if Georgia, "Would you like to ride on my back?" (out to the car). Without missing a beat, Georgia said, "No. You're not a piggy!" We all laughed at that one!

We go to a moms group and they have a kids program. This last week I asked Georgia how it was. She was telling me about it, then said, "I tried to kiss the boy, but he didn't like that." I guess the poor boy turned her down and that made her upset! I'm not sure if any of the adults in the room witnessed this exchange. I had to explain to her that not everyone wants kisses ;)

In the car this morning, Georgia said (out of the blue and very excited about it all), "Someday I have a baby in my tummy! And I have milk for my baby! I am so excited!" Then she went on and explained. "I will marry Sawyer. Titus will marry Lucie. And Sawyer will be my daughter (obviously she doesn't understand what a daughter is) and he will live with me." She went on to say that they would dance and then be married. (I think she was confused about a wedding because she implied that the dancing part would equal them getting married). It was all very cute, and I couldn't help thinking how girlie she is. I doubt very many 3-year-old boys are contemplating marriage and weddings.

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Andrea, said...

Isabella used to equate dancing with a wedding/marriage too. She used to say we were getting married then dance with whoever she was marrying at the time. :)