Friday, May 2, 2014

6 months

Well, our sweet little guy is half a year old. We've been on the road, traveling up to Oregon and back, so that is the reason this blog post is late. I will try to do a blog post on that another time.

Weight: 17lbs, 1oz
Height: 27 inches
Teeth: His two lower teeth haven't popped through, but have been bothering him on and off.
Clothing: mostly 9 month (or 6-9 month). A few 12 month things, although he's not quite long enough for them yet.

Titus is starting to move quite a bit. There's no slowing him down now! He rolls both ways, can rest himself on his knees (if you set him up like that). He sits very nicely (and for a long time, without falling), and then will go onto his back or belly and kinda scoot around. He does 180 spins in his crib.

Sleeping has been all over the place this month. Now being back from our trip, Titus is taking three naps a day. Most of the naps are longish - somewhere between 1-2 hours. He seems to be ready for bed around 7pm. He wakes up twice - once around 10 or 11, and then once again around 4 or 5am. He then sleeps until 7-7:30. He loves sleeping on his side or on his front. It is very cute to see, since Georgia was only ever a back sleeper. Titus will snuggle up with his lovey (again, Georgia wasn't attached to hers at all), and also loves to hold onto a toy. I've noticed that if I distract him with a toy, he'll often just hold onto it, falling asleep rather easily.

Titus is eating just a little bit. He is still very interested in food, especially what other people are eating. I try to find things that he can eat: bell pepper, zucchini, banana, sweet potato, french fries (while on our road trip), chicken, carne asada, applesauce and refried beans. He never seems very excited once he actually tries the food that I hand him. The only exception to that is meat. Most meats I give him, he sucks and chews on quite a bit. All other foods get a funny face and reluctance to eat much more. I don't think he is actually swallowing much of what he is eating. Most of it gets spit right back out after he chews it for a while.

Titus is still very snuggly (again, unlike his sister), and I am completely eating it up. He is the biggest mama's boy  - well, unless Georgia is around and then I am chopped liver ;)  He loves to be held and sit on my lap. He gives huge smiles which can light up a room. He is friendly but reserved. He often looks at me while in crowds of people, as if to ask if everything is ok. He loves watching other kids run around and play. He is still unsure when other people are holding him. He will be okay for 1-2 minutes and then start looking around for me.

This week was the first bath he's taken that he's enjoyed. It is the first time I've bathed him where he can sit up himself, and he enjoyed being able to splash in the tub, rather than just lay there and get cleaned. He is not babbling at all, which I think is okay. Georgia always had a huge vocabulary, but I don't expect that out of Titus. He seems a bit quieter, and he's also a boy.

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