Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Georgia is three and a half!

I haven't done an update on Georgia lately. She had a doctors appointment recently, and I was struck by how grown-up she has gotten over the last 4 or 5 months (since we had last been at the doctors together). She was a bit more obedient, able to sit still for longer periods of time. Her language skills have increased - she is able to explain herself and I am always shocked at her vocabulary and her ability for fast thinking and responding (sometimes in hilarious ways!)  She does have a few funny things she says - "buitar" instead of "guitar" and "butella" instead of nutella. Bessert is dessert.

We got this dress as a hand-me-down a few months ago. She is in love with is! 

Height: 44 inches - way above the 99% line  (the height of an average 5 1/2 year old girl). She has gone through a growth spurt this week and grown a full inch.  When we were in Colorado in the spring, we compared Georgia's height to my sister, Teresa. Teresa is tall - 5'10". Comparing a similar age of Georgia and Teresa (when they were both three), Georgia was a full inch taller than her.

Weight: 44 pounds - 95%

The last rainstorm we had in February

Clothing: wearing anything between 4T and a 6. She has a few odd pieces of clothing larger that fit - for example a size 7/8 dress that is just a tad big, but wearable. Most of the 4T stuff is too short, the 5s and 6s fit her well. I am starting to fill her closet with size 6s and 7s for this next year.

Shoes: 11 (almost in a size 12)
When Titus was a month or two old.... Georgia is a great big sister! 

Some sayings: 

This morning, Georgia woke up and said, "I prayed by myself last night!" She went on to say "I prayed for kids who have no families and no food and no purple beds" In case you don't know, she has a purple bed that she is very proud about. Obviously she feels bad for everyone else who does not have a purple bed.

While we were on our vacation, we asked if she wanted to wear shoes or go barefoot. She replied, "Barefoot. Like a bear!"
We don't get to go very often, but Georgia loves the beach

Georgia is fairly independent and can entertain herself and play by herself for a while. Of course, being the extrovert that she is, she really enjoys playing with other kids and being around other people. She enjoys going to the park, but only if there are other kids playing there. She cried this week when some girls told her they didn't want to play with her. She runs up to every kid she meets and asks, "do you want to play with me?" She gets really hurt when they say "no". I'm trying to teach her that she can just play, without having to ask every kid.

Her favorite color is purple. She loves eating macaroni and cheese (with hot-dogs, or course). She is not adventurous when it comes to choosing ice cream flavors. She will almost always eat vanilla, and sometimes will eat birthday cake flavor or mint and chip. She loves playing pretend and almost always pretends princess. She wants to be Rapunzel, Elsa or Auna, or Cinderella. She loves the movie Frozen (along with every other preschooler). She has most of the songs memorized and will sing them over and over, knowing almost every word. She has been watching Doc McStuffins, a TV show about a little girl who pretends she is a doctor and "fixes" all her stuffed animals. Georgia loves playing pretend and fixes up all her animals and toys with bandaids.

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