Saturday, January 3, 2015

Two months later....

So I did have a blog post that I started for Titus' 13 month birthday. And that was the end of November. Just a day before Thanksgiving, and two days before Georgia turned four, and then life happened. We've been really busy. Gift-buying, creating a photo book (for 2012.... I'm a bit behind!), starting a photography page and having a few Christmas photoshoots with friends, celebrating Christmas with Dave's family, and then traveling to Colorado to visit my family. What I'm saying is that we've been busy. I think this is probably our busiest time of year. So, I haven't blogged in two months. Here's a quick update on Titus. I'll try to get another blog post for Georgia since she just had a 4-year birthday.
Eating at a Mexican restaurant - he loves the salsa and will eat it plain

Weight: 22.5 pounds (around 25th percentile)
Height: 32 inches (around 90th percentile)
Shoe size: 5
Diaper size: 4
Teeth: 9 (8-front ones and one molar), another 7 have almost cut the skin - the other three molars and four incisors.
Clothing: 18 months, some 24  (and surprisingly wearing some 9m pants still)
Looking hot and handsome when picking out a Christmas tree

Titus has had some rough weeks. He's had a couple colds/sicknesses. He had roseola the week before we left for Colorado and had a really high fever - around 103 and 104 (and that was after giving him Tylenol). We had one night where he would only sleep if he was being held. I held him from 2am-5:30am, and then Dave took the early morning shift so that I could get a solid 2-3 hours of sleep. In Colorado, he had another sickness with a really stuffy nose and cough. He had another couple rough nights of sleep, but don't know whether that was more from being in a new location, the teeth that are cutting, or his cold. Last night was the first night back home and he went to bed around 7pm, woke up once at 8 or so (he was overtired - I rocked him) and then was up at 10;30 for a nursing session, then slept until 6:30 this morning. This is about back to normal, so lets hope he keeps this up!
His new eating position

He is all boy. I know I say this often, but he spends most of his day climbing on things, trying to throw and hit things, and generally plays very rough. He loves being outside (but only in California - he hated the cold and snow in Colorado). We've taken him "hiking" once and he loved it. He is all about the sticks and the rocks and the dirt.

He is beginning to "talk" a little more. He says "dada" now more regularly. He says "AH!" for hi. He also says "aaaah" for hot and blows on things or waves his hands to cool off the food. He has babbled the ma-ma sound, but doesn't say it to me yet. He pants for dog, and says "moooo" for cow. He understands what we say and will follow simple instructions (if he wants to!). Hes still not super verbal, but I feel like he's made leaps and bounds in the last month or two.

Right now, he loves reading books (he will find a book and bring it to me to read, then back up until hes sitting on my lap), playing outside (especially playing in dirt or sand or at the water table). He loves his two grandpas - both of them he is super close with and loves to be held by them. He snuggles in close. He also loves his blankies. We have three aiden and anais blankets that he's used since being a newborn. He will drag them around the house with him, especially if he's just waking up from a nap or tired. He also has to hold them on his lap while he nurses. All of them (that he can see - he doesn't notice if there is one in the wash or not in the room).

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