Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Georgia's doings - age 4

Sledding in Wisconsin in November

Well, Georgia's fourth birthday has come and gone. About three months ago now. Really life is busy and I don't understand how some people have so much time to blog. Or do anything else that they do like folding laundry or washing dishes. There is just not enough time in the day for everything I'd like to do, so things just don't get done around here. Here are some things about Georgia and hopefully some sayings that she says.

Georgia's Dinosaur-themed Birthday Party

Height: 45 inches - above 99%  (when we were in Colorado, we compared Georgia to Teresa - my tall sister - Georgia is about 1.5 inches taller than her at the same age)

Weight: 45 pounds (90%)

Clothing: size 6 mostly, some 7s
Shoes: 12 or 13

At daddy's work

Georgia is all about "favorites" lately and most of the time Daddy is her favorite (or as she says, "Daddy is the best today!"). He does get the fun job of parenting - by the time he comes home, he has just an hour (or less) of time with her before bed, so they will have fun wrestling and reading and playing pretend. The plus side of this is that she always wants him to put her in bed. I get to put my feet up while he's busy brushing her teeth and reading her books. It is fun to see them together. (and Dave has admitted that that's the best time of day for him, too)

Georgia at her dance recital - looking so grown up!

Georgia is also pretty much done with naptime. We still have quiet time every day, although I don't know I would use the word "quiet" to describe it. I'm surprisingly not too sad about this, as she goes to bed earlier and easier now. It makes our evenings a bit more relaxing, which is always good. She probably takes a nap once every week or two, or if she's had a particularly long or eventful day.

I think the shirt and her expression capture her can-do attitude

Georgias favorites:
Food: macaroni & cheese
TV show: Paw Patrol
Dinosaur: T Rex
Color: purple
Clothing: red twirly dress (or anything that gives a good twirl - I have to take a video on my phone to show her how much it twirls)
Word: "dinosaur" (she says this whenever she doesn't know what to say or how to answer)

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So Georgia has been hilarious lately! I've noticed that kids her age get more and more verbal and just say what they're thinking. Some gems:

I have chocolate chips I'm eating. After dinnertime she had a bowl of ice cream (and quite a large bowl) so when she asks for chocolate chips, I tell her no. She knows that I eat dairy-free, so I am unable to eat ice cream, therefore I'm eating my chocolate chips. Georgia goes on to say, "Well, when I have my baby I can eat chocolate chips." Dave and I start cracking up, and I ask her when she'll have a baby and she says "soon!.....  maybe when I'm 10!"

She likes me taking her picture and will make faces for me. This is her favorite outfit to wear. 

We were at the grocery store and there was a rather large man in the same aisle as us. Of course she waits until we are standing right next to him and asks (rather loudly of course and pointing directly at him), "Mom, why does that man have a big tummy?"

"Titus was doing a brussel sprout and I walked over him!" A what, Georgia? "A brussle sprout!" As she showed me, I realized she meant a somersault. Titus loves putting his head on the floor and having one of us roll him over, the beginning of a somersault.

"Mommy, you're my best mommy ever!" (this hardly ever happens! Daddy is usually the best. I think she said it that day because I was letting her watch TV while I put Titus down to nap and did some stuff around the house).

Georgia was sick yesterday and was up a lot of the night coughing. Because of all the water she drank, then she also had to get up to go potty. Needless to say, she slept until 9am this morning. She normally wakes up between 7 and 7:30. I told her, "Wow you slept so long!" and she said, "I didn't sleep. I was awake all night until morning."

Georgia also has some struggles with food. By struggles, I mean that she doesn't like food that most normal kids like. For example, she would eat carrots, artichokes, peas, corn, apples, edamame, or pretty much any fruit (but not bananas) until she was full. But offer her pancakes, waffles, or any dinner food and she doesn't want it. The other day she wanted to make waffles. She helped and when she finally ate one she said, "Mommy, I don't like it. It tastes just like a pancake!" Other foods she doesn't like: potatoes (any kind, mashed, baked, cut into home fries), and applesauce,

She was a little sick the other day (just for the day, nothing serious) and she said, "I need to go to the doctors so I can find out what sick I have!" For the record, she loves going to the doctor & dentist. She loves meeting new people and getting lots of attention, so any sort of appointment that is all about her makes her happy!

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