Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I am up to

I've been feeling crafty lately, and want a challenge. The picture frame I did was a test to see if I really could be crafty, and I'm feeling like it was a success. For my new office, I realize I need more storage/desk space. So, I've been thinking a dresser might be nice. Something like this or something like that might be nice to have. But, where am I going to find one?

So, I decided to go thrift store shopping. I have found the perfect dresser. When I start restoring it, I will let you guys know. But for now, its in the garage waiting for a cool weekend to get started. When its done, it will add quite a bit of storage space to my room, and hopefully add a nice, warm, homey feeling to the office.
Here is a picture of my dresser - the picture is from my phone, so I already know the quality isn't that great:
Look at those beautiful handles! And the details on it! This dresser is going to be perfect. The only problem is it is still sitting in the back of my truck. Hubby is out of town, and there's no way I can get it out of my car by myself..... so, this project will be started in two weeks.

The other exciting thing about the dresser is that it came with a mirror. At first, I thought it was ugly and I would end up throwing it away or donating it back to the thrift store, but then I had a wonderful idea (well, thanks to some other blogs I read)
Ever since I've seen things like this
or this (check out the link!), I've been wanting to make my own chalkboard. Cute, simple, looks great, and I have a spot for it in my new office! So, I will be using the mirror, painting it with blackboard paint, and it will also be hanging in the office. Now I have these two big projects, I better get to work....


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here is a blog you might like. She has a lot of sewing but there are other good ideas too.

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