Monday, August 3, 2009


This last week, Dave and I went to Wisconsin to visit my family. We stayed a bit in Milwaukee with my mom's dad, but we spent the majority of time in northern Wisconsin with my dad's family. Every year we do a sort of family reunion, at a family camp - Camp Forest Springs. This year, there were over 40 family members who came. It was a lot of fun to see all the aunts, uncles and cousins. At this camp, there is so much to do! The lake (see the picture above), hiking trails, mini-farm, archery, mini-golf, and so many more! Here are some pictures from our trip:
Dave and I (and my brother in the background)

Teresa and Jon (my sister and brother) and Missy, a cousin.

This picture was taken on my grandpa's property. Can you tell I love this place? This is the view from the house.
This picture is on my uncle's property. He has this old barn that is probably over 100 years old, and it is so neat!
Anyways, there is a lot to come. I have been busy since I've been back with different craft projects. In the next few days I will post some pictures.