Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My new part-time home

So, as many of you know, I have been a substitute teacher for the longest time. It is a draining job, but I did it because I couldn't find a "real" job. Last year I was rather successful and got two or three long-term subbing jobs. But this year as the school year progressed, I only became more and more unhappy with it. I started praying that God would give me something new. I had one of the worst days of my life subbing about a week before Christmas. Long story short, the kids were terrible, I was requested to sub again for the same class the next day, and towards the end of the second day, someone stole my brand new iPod touch out of my purse. I left the school in tears and promised that I would find a new job.

Fast forward to the first week in January. We were in Wisconsin, in the airport ready to fly back to California. I got a text from one of my friends asking if I wanted to apply for a job. I had nothing to loose, so I sent in my resume. I was called a few days later and went in for an interview. The interview went pretty well - not spectacular, but just the minute I walked in the door my phone rang and they were offering me the position. Again, I had nothing to loose, so I accepted the position and started the next week.

So, I am now the newest Keyholder (like assistant manager) of Currant Mommy and Baby (Thank you God!). I make next to nothing, drive to Pasadena several times a week, and work nights. Yet I am so happy. I get to work in a beautiful store, I have a lot of responsibilities and get to meet some neat moms and their kids. I also get to work with one of my good friends. I have become really passionate about the products we sell and our store. And I am way too ready to suggest things to people who have babies.
Our store specializes in strollers, baby carriers, feeding products and toys. We mostly have organic, vegan, recycled, etc. sort of things. All the toys are wooden or recycled plastic. All of our bottles/feeding products are BPA free. Stuff I'm not necessarily into, but most importantly it is high-quality and sells well.

And since I'm talking about the store, let me inform you on my favorite stroller. Its called the City Select by Baby Jogger. Isn't it so cute as a one-child stroller?
And now look how it nicely transforms to fit two seats? There are at least 16 different variations of how the seats can face. So practical if you're thinking of having 2 or more kids and don't want to have to buy another stroller when the second one comes along!
I'll go before I start ranting and raving about other products. Oh yeah.... update on our possible move to London. Well, things are happening, just VERY slowly. Dave hasn't even signed his contract yet (or seen it for that matter!). We are now thinking that it will be June or July... only God knows!


Maria said...

So fun! Congrats on the job! Sounds like so much fun!! Love you so much and we are praying for you guys!

Thanks for the updates! We'll have to start a blog!

Maria and Luke

kate wallace said...

That store looks beautiful!! I am glad you are enjoying it!

Carrie Troyer said...

Cool stroller. I'm going to give my sister your blog address. Let's see if I can pursuade her :)