Wednesday, March 30, 2011

4 months old!

We have a sick 4-month old in our house today! The poor thing has a runny nose and is stuffed up, making sleeping and eating rather difficult. Other than that, we're in pretty good spirits around here!

Stats (as of two weeks ago)
Weight: 13 lbs 12 oz
Height: 24.5 inches
Clothes: size 3-6
Diaper size: 3
Georgia and I in Colorado

This month was pretty crazy. We celebrated her 3-month birthday in the States, and have since come back to the UK. Dave went on a two-week business trip to South America and is back again. So, its been a busy month. Its amazing to see Georgia grow up so much. She is becoming much more like a little person and less like a baby.
During bath-time in Colorado

Georgia is now rolling over pretty easily from tummy to back (see previous post for a video!). She has very good head strength when on her tummy. I've seen that she is trying to push up onto her knees, so crawling is approaching us fast! She is becoming much more coordinated with using her hands, grabbing items placed in front of her or on her lap and moving them towards her mouth. She is pretty interested in toys, especially the rattles and hard toys that feel good on her gums. One of her favorite things lately is to stand up. She loves being on her legs!
"spitting" on her fingers (or being "cheeky" if you're British)

Georgia is still a very social baby. She gives smiles easily and seems happy to see new people. I've noticed she's a little less willing to be held by other people, but no tears yet! She goes through phases of finding her voice. One phase was spitting or blowing raspberries. We're now in the screaming/squealing phase. She has just recently learned how to laugh. We have to work hard to hear it, but it is so precious.
Another bath-time photo

This is about the same as last month. I've been trying to keep track of her schedule to see if there is any pattern. A few insights: most days she takes 4 naps. Occasionally she'll get away with 3 longer ones. Her wake-up time is getting a bit earlier (probably the sun coming into the room!), usually around 7. She takes two morning naps, the second one is always at 11am. (which is terrible because church is during this time!) She's been going to bed around 6:30 or so every evening. She wakes up twice to eat, once usually at 9:30-10:30 and once around 4:45 (almost without fail!). This doesn't mean I get five or six hours of straight sleep - she does wake up once or twice in addition and needs a bit of settling - a pat, or her pacifier.
This past weekend, on a walk we took
4-month birthday photo!

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