Thursday, March 17, 2011

I really miss

My craft-i-ness.

I miss it a lot. Much more than I ever thought possible. 
I feel like I'm not able to be myself without it. 
Its such an amazing thing to conceive and design, spending time to plan and create.
When we lived in the US I had the space and time to do it. 
Now, I live in a 850 sq ft house with two bedrooms and barely any storage space. 
We rent and I really shouldn't put holes in the wall or paint anything. 
I have been putting my creative energy into taking care of a baby and cooking meals. 
I now create by cooking dinner. 
And it is something. Indian, Mexican, researching and making things I've never done before. 
But, I still miss painting and sewing and fabrics and sandpaper.

I want a sewing machine. I want a craft room full of fabrics. I want to make pillows and pillow-case dresses. Seriously. How cute would Georgia be in this?

I want to make other dresses, like this and this.
(from kojodesigns)... seriously, how cute is this dress? and those leggings? ahhh!!! 

Here's my list so far. Those two dresses above. Three, including a pillow-case dress. 
I want to try making some hair accessories for the G-girl.
I could do this with felt and attach to a headband or hair clip. 
And these! They are adorable!! 

I could probably keep adding to this blog... gotta stop for now. 

And for the record, I did get to make one dress for G while I was in the US. I'll post the pictures from that soon! 
I also did buy some craft supplies - hair clips (alligator clips) and felt. I also purchased a hot glue gun, so I can try my hand at making some hair accessories. I'll let you know how that goes!

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