Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The best thing

Looking back on 2011 I can say I was so thankful for what our little family of 3 has become. Besides the lack of sleep (seriously, I don't think I slept for one single 8-hour stretch the whole year, and maybe not even one 7-hour one, either!), having Georgia and doing life with Dave and her has been the best thing ever. I love our family!

I know I complained a bit about the lack of space in our house, the terrible weather we have in London, not having a car or dish washer or dryer, not being near family or friends.....

But honestly I feel like we (Dave, Georgia & I) have something that would not have been possible in the US. We don't have as many distractions here. It is just us. Did I mention we haven't watched TV since November? (We do watch football games and our favorite American shows over the Internet, but we "unplugged" our TV). Our life is simple.
Dave walks to the store with Georgia and I.
We make dinner together. (and we don't kill each other!!)
He washes the dishes (yes!).
We go to the park when the weather is nice.
We adventure into London and try to find decent food.
We laugh about not seeing the sun for days or how bad the food at our local pub is.
Dave reads to Georgia before bed.
We eat lunch together most days.
Dave & I play board games in the evenings.
Snuggling with baby doll while Daddy reads to her

I love not having a car. I used to get mini panic attacks driving on the freeways. I felt like life was so fast-paced. It was go, go, go, go. All the time. I felt the need to keep up with the Joneses. Now we have a much simpler life. It is great. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is different. But we have each other.


Catharina said...

Love. Just....LOVE. And also, the photo of you and Georgia is beautiful.

Linda and Michelle said...

You are lucky to have such perspective. When you come back to the US (please come back!), you can choose to live a slower paced, unplugged life!
Aunt Linda