Saturday, January 28, 2012

Georgia: 14 months

This month has definitely been a challenge for Dave and I. Georgia is starting to test her boundaries, testing us both physically and mentally. Throwing food off the high chair, running away from us on walks, refusing to eat what we give her and so on. I know its just the begining of what people call the "Terrible Two's" and considering we have a strong-willed child, I'm expecting the next year or two... well 18.... to be challenging for us!

Weight: 22.8 pounds (estimate)
Length: About 32 inches
Diapers: size 4
Teeth: 10 - cut two molars this month!
Words: 10-15
New words: "apple", "Bell" (her friend Annabelle), "birthday", "bath", and possibly "step"

On a high note, the good things about being a parent get even better! Georgia is communicating really well and can usually "tell" us what she wants. She knows how to make us laugh and can entertain us by dancing or making silly faces.

She loves reading books. We own about 40-50 books for her, and we read most of them at least once every day. Many days can go by without her playing much with her toys, but all the books will be strewn about on the floor. Her favorite ones are "Bear Hunt" and "Spot Goes on Holiday".

Eating: like I mentioned earlier, eating has been a challenge. Every mealtime is a battle. She still has her favorite foods: meat, cheese and clementines. Anything else there is a high possibility that it will be thrown on the floor. We've started implementing time out, but haven't seen much improvement yet.

I am still waiting for her to learn to play by herself. It is hard for me to get anything done because she likes me to be in the same room as her. Even if we have toys or books in the kitchen, if I am trying to do dishes or hang laundry or make food, she will ask me to play with her or read books to her.

Sleep: She is getting better at sleeping, but not yet sleeping through the night. We have been working on eliminating the night feedings. Now on an average night, she will wake up once anytime between 2am-5am and nurse just a couple minutes. Then, she will wake up closer to 6am or 7am for another feed. I then get her to sleep for another hour or two! Dave has been a big help in getting up at night with her. She is still taking two naps (most days).

Georgia also got her first haircut! I did it tonight right before she went to bed, so I don't have pictures yet. I'll post them soon!

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