Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1.5 years old!

Georgia is now 18 months old! I know I say this every month, but boy, does time really fly! This month, we have been busy doing nothing much. Dave has been home for a couple weeks straight now (yay!) and we've settled back into a routine. Our terrible month of weather continued into this month (making it about 6 straight weeks of below-average temperatures and record amounts of rain), and the last week or so the sun has finally made it out! I think Georgia's a little confused going outside without a jacket!

Weight: Around 25.5 pounds
Height: Maybe 34 inches? If so... 95th percentile
Diapers: size 4+ mostly
Shoes: moving into size 6. She went through her size 5 in 2 months!

Language: She is showing a lot of interest in letter themselves. We have several toys with letters and she asks for their name and sound. A couple times she has found the "M" and says "mama!", so even though she doesn't know the letter itself, she can memorize the shape with the word I told her. She is also starting to talk in sentences and not in words. (not that we can understand what she's saying, yet!). She learned quite a few new words this month including "ra" (walk), bus, nat-nums (oatmeal), girl (she points to people and asks, "girl?" and I think she's trying to figure out who are girls and who are boys)

Food/Sleeping: Not much change from previous months. She is still waking early, around 5:30-6 AM or so, but then will fall back asleep until 7:30-8. Its not bad, but I do wish she slept through. I think a lot of this has to do with the sunlight. The sun rises here before 5, and it starts getting light around 4:30. Georgia has been eating a lot! I think she went through a growth spurt, and she would tell me she was hungry all throughout the day. Her picky-ness levels have gone down and she eats everything we eat.

Activities: We have kept busy by going to many parks this month. I save our old bread and we go feed the ducks often. Georgia tried (for the first time) finger painting (which she loved!). With the nice weather the last week, we have been able to play out in the backyard, and I had a redneck pool - I just filled up a storage bin with a couple inches of water. Georgia's other favorite activity is wrestling. She loves rough and tumble play. Playing chase, scaring her, playing hide and seek are all very fun to her.

Other skills: She has been very interested in steps. She loves going up and down, holding our hands. If there are only one or two steps, she will be brave and try them on her own. She also loves taking her doll out on walks. She knows the way to the park and will cry if we leave home and turn the other way (towards the grocery store).

Firsts: This last week, the weather was so nice, we braved a trip to the outdoor pool in the area. It was Georgia's first time in a pool! She was very unsure about everything at first, but then absolutely loved jumping from the side into the water. When we got home, she took one of her longest naps ever :)  Last night, we went over to a friends house and she "jumped" on the trampoline. I think actually, all the older kids bounced her up and down, but I have never heard her giggle so much!
Wrestling with daddy

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