Tuesday, May 8, 2012

17 months old!

Well, we almost have a 1 1/2 year old living in our house. It is amazing how quickly time flies. This month was rather difficult for a couple reasons. We had a vacation to the Netherlands the beginning of the month, and it ruined the streak of good sleeping that we had going. That, combined with teething (the canine teeth) and also dropping her morning nap (most of the time), have made life a little more difficult than normal. Also, Dave was gone almost 3 out of the 4 weeks on work trips. And it was cold and rainy, keeping us housebound for many days on end.

Weight: 24.6 pounds
Height: 33ish inches

Words: learning more and more all the time! New words: bus, squirrel, "k" for kate, girl, Matt, "T" for Tim, baba for Grandpa Hall, up, down and probably quite a few more that I can't think of! Her favorite word is "NO!" which she says quite enthusiastically while doing something she knows she shouldn't do.

We play with this little guy one day a week. Georgia's first boyfriend ;)

Teeth: She now has 15 teeth (I think.....). This month she got 3 out of the 4 canine teeth. She was teething practically the whole month, with those teeth coming in about one every week. The last one still has not made an appearance.
My little girl loves to dance!
Fashion: Georgia loves picking out her own clothes and shoes! I will often pick out two outfits and let her choose which one she wants to wear. The clothes she likes the most are the pinkest/frilliest, or the ones that have animals on them. She loves wearing shoes and will bring me different shoes to put on throughout the day. Her favorite shoes are her rain boots and her shoes with cats on them.
Grandpa Wallace visited us for 1 day. G is giving him a goodnight kiss here

Sleep: We had another rough month. She was sleeping through the night before we left for the Netherlands, and then being overtired and the 4am parties out in the street below our hotel woke her up a few nights in a row. Add into that mix some rough teething, and she was waking up 2+ times a night again. The last couple nights have been better, and I think we're heading back to sleeping through the night.

This month was a challenge with naps. One nap wasn't enough for her. She was exhausted and overtired, causing nighttime sleep to be poor. But two naps was too much for her. She would have parties in her crib for 1+ hour before falling asleep. She was cranky and irritable. She has finally seemed to settle into the 1-nap-a-day schedule. She has been sleeping from right after lunch until around 3pm. She is finally not overtired any more, but still is tired in the morning and not quite used to having to stay awake a full 5 hours before naptime!

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