Friday, August 3, 2012

20 months

Sorry this is a couple days late. We have had a month of vacations and only got back home a couple days ago. I have to say that Georgia is a wonderful traveler - she completed her 4th round trip international flight! Honesty, I don't think we could ask any more of her. I will have to have a blog post soon about traveling (especially flights) with her.
Georgia loves dogs!

Weight: 27 pounds
Height: 34.5 or 35 inches (95% still)
Clothing: 24 months or 2T, some 3T (but they're big on her)
Teeth: still waiting on 2-year molars. I think they're beginning to bother her as she's been chewing on her hands, and has seemed to have a bit of trouble sleeping on occasion (although it could be travel-related, too).

Sleep: This one has been all over the place because of traveling. Most nights she was waking up 3-4 times.  I really hate jet lag. Georgia really suffers from it and has trouble sleeping at night when we travel. Naps though are usually quite long.
She loves climbing! Daddy said he didn't help her very much... he only worked as a spotter

Nursing: I am so glad that I am still nursing Georgia. Really, I have no clue what I'd do if I wasn't. We mostly nurse at night, and it helps calm her down and put her back to sleep when she is jet lagged. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when your child is waking up at midnight, 2am, 3am, 5am and you're staying in a hotel in a random city? Once she settles back to the right time zone, I am going to start the process of weaning her.
Her first time wearing a life vest! We went on a boat while in Wisconsin this month

Talking: It is amazing the changes she has made this past month. It is so fun seeing her grow in this area. When she is getting ready for bed, she has started to talk more and more to me (as we nurse). She often says peoples names as if she is remembering her day - who she saw, what she did. She is quite funny and we're starting to have conversations. For example, she'll fart and then say "diaper" (her word to tell us that something is going on down there) and I'll say "that's okay! everyone farts". Then she'll say, "daddy?" and I will reply, "yes, daddy farts." She'll think for a minute then say, "nana?" and I'll say, "yes, nana farts". This goes on and on until she lists everyone she knows.

Georgia kept asking Kyan to jump with her

Memory: I am continually shocked at how good Georgia's memory is. She remembers her friend Avery who used her potty seat way back the beginning of June. In the Wallaces neighborhood, there is a house that has a few goats. There are two different ways to get to the Wallaces house, and she knew when we were on the street with the goats and would ask about them.
We had a lot of pool time in California

Favorite things: Georgia is still a people person. She loves making new friends and now learns names quickly. In the morning when she wakes up she asks about her friends. When she draws pictures, she tells us she is drawing specific people. The other thing she just absolutely loves right now is climbing and jumping. She jumps off stairs, jumps off couches and chairs. She can climb into her highchair. She knows how to use the cargo net at the park.

playing in the water in California


Andrea, said...

I hope you have a good chunk of time fo her to settle into a routine it is no fun when their sleep is off. Giving up nursing was hard and I missed it a lot especially when they were sick or having a bad day I felt like I lost one of my go to solutions after they weaned. Good job keeping it up though! :)

Catharina said...

I LOVE that you are so open about the fact that Georgia is still nursing. I wish I had been as courageous about it as you are when I was nursing my toddler. It is a wonderful tool for both discipline and soothing, and well it's completely biologically normal for her to be continuing to nurse. Thanks for sharing your life through your blog....your girlie is BEAUTIFUL and I can't believe how grown up she is.

Catharina said...
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