Wednesday, August 29, 2012

21 months

I have to say that this month has just flown by. Surprising! Coming back from a month of vacations, I expected this month to drag by, but the weather has been nice and warmish, and we have been able to enjoy the Olympics and be outside quite a bit.

I'm smiling just like Georgia... when she does her goofy smile

Weight: 27.2 pounds
Height: Somewhere between 35 and 36 inches. Measured by myself at home.... doesn't work too great with a wiggly toddler!
Shoes: size 7

This month was a little unusual for us - Georgia had a lot of babysitters! Dave and I went to two Olympic events, and we left Georgia one day for 8 hours, and the other day for 5 or so. Another day, Dave and I ventured into the city and left Georgia with another friend for 4 hours. She actually has done amazingly - according to our friends she doesn't cry at all (okay, only when one of them put her in bed.... and that was only for a minute or two!).
Georgia and Annabelle at the park

We also started doing some night weaning. We had a couple nights in a row where I was gone in the evening and Dave put her in bed using a cup of warm milk. She actually did great and started sleeping through the night! We have been putting her in bed now with milk (instead of nursing) for about 3 weeks. She seems to be doing great and actually sleeps a whole lot better (my favorite part about this month!)

Her favorite word this last week has been "NO!" which is usually directed at some unknowing child on the playground. Sharing is not one of her strengths. That "No!" has come in handy though, for example, when an older kid was trying to give her an unwanted hug.

So proud of how full her mouth is (well, it isn't really, in this picture....) 

Georgia had her first sentence this month! She said, "More peach" and I started jumping up and down with joy! Since then she has been using a lot of two words together, and even a couple times has used three words together. Her vocabulary is growing by 5+ words a day and will often try to say any words that Dave or I use. Another phrase she said this morning was, "Bee! hold me!" when she saw a gnat flying around the kitchen. (She is terrified of bugs). I estimate her vocabulary to be at 150 words right now.

Tantrums are right around the corner for us. Georgia is quickly becoming very opinionated (did I mention she is strong-willed?) and will either shout "No" at us when we want her to do something she doesn't want to do, or will break down and cry. Its very difficult for her to sit in her highchair for all of dinner and she had a couple minute cry during the middle of dinner last night when we wouldn't let her get down.

She has been using her own name tons! She uses it when she wants to do something by herself (with no help from mom or dad) or when she wants to play with a toy that someone else is playing with. She will go up to the child and wait for a minute, then say, "Georgia" and then try to take the toy. Its like she's asking if they can share with her. I'm thankful she is nice about it, but most of the time the other child isn't too happy to share with her.

An example of a tantrum. She wanted to go walk to see the ducks and mom wanted to take a picture. 

Georgia knows about four shapes by name (heart, oval, circle and triangle) and more often than not she can name the correct colors of things (she knows yellow things, sometimes gets the other colors right). She also knows probably 4 letters: M, K, T, D. She doesn't know those by name, but rather the M is for Mommy and the K for Kate or Ky, likewise the T for Teresa or Tim.

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