Saturday, September 29, 2012

22 months!

Well, having an almost-2-year-old just keeps getting better and better! Georgia is so much fun, and we just love having her around. This month she has started using the potty (she has gone 3 times the last couple days!) and she is talking up a storm. Its so fun to be able to communicate with her, and she is very able to tell me what she's thinking about.

Weight: 29.2 pounds
Height: 36.5 inches
Still waiting on the 2-year molars
Size 7 shoes

Sleep: We had an up and down month. The first part of the month, she slept great! Sleeping through the night, we had a growth spurt that included 4-hour long naps. Life was great! The last half of the month, she's had a lingering cough that was waking her up at night. Poor thing, coughing fits that would go on and on and I just imagine her throat was pretty sore. Anyways, she was waking up twice (or more) at night. Its only been the last two days or so that her cough has gone away, and her sleeping habits are slowly improving.

Eating: We've figured out that the more she eats, the better she sleeps. She is all-in-all a fairly good eater, but we've been trying to get her nice and full at night. So, after Dave and I are done eating, we sit at the table and read books to her and shovel more food in her mouth. She still absolutely loves corn and asparagus.

Nursing: Still going strong. She now clarifies that she wants "mama's milk".  I think that we will probably end this period of our lives after our move next month. Not sure how that really is going to happen because she doesn't seem to want to quit.

Activity: We started baby ballet again this fall (we did it for a month in the spring). Its amazing to see how much better she is at following directions and being able to do all the moves - walking on tip toes, jumping, twirling around, etc.

Memory/Understanding: We have started telling her that we are going to move back to the US. I really don't know how much she can understand, but she tells me at least twice a day (while pointing up to the sky), "plane! Nana, Baba, Fry!" I have to tell you the emphasis is on French Fry. She will say this whenever she sees a plane in the sky, or if I mention Nana or Baba.

Talking: Her word explosion continues! She talks about her friends, what she did that day, tells me what she wants to do, what she wants to eat, and so on. She still mostly talks in one and two word "sentences" but occasionally she'll put more words together. One phrase she says a lot: "Georgia do it!" She knows colors (but mixes up blue and purple), numbers - and can actually read them (if she sees a 5 will say, "five"), and most of her shapes. She doesn't know how to count in order yet - she still often says, "five, eight, nine".

TV/Ipad - she has too much screen time. Right now, in this time in our lives, I have rationalized it because of the difficulty of playing with her due to moving and cleaning. The weather is cold and rainy much of the time now, and it is difficult to send her outside to play. She absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and most of the time I live with the "hot dog" song stuck in my head. The other show she likes is Shaun the Sheep - a little kid version of Wallace & Gromit.

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Andrea, said...

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity DOG!!!! Drives me nuts lol.
You'll be coming at a great time right when the weather goes back to being nice (not hot) and you guys can play outside a ton. :)