Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big day!

The last couple days have been just a lot of fun. The days that its easy to be a mom. Georgia is happy (although not sleeping great), she is talking up a storm. She is getting to the age where she is learning so many new words that sometimes I don't even know what she is saying! Her personality just is shining through, and she is so goofy and curious and stubborn all at the same time.

Right before her nap, Dave and Georgia and I were all upstairs, and I was about to change her diaper and put her in bed. She started yelling, "badaba out-ide!, badaba, badaba!" Dave and I were just giving each other inquisitive looks, trying to figure out what she was saying. "Do you want to go outside?" "No." And all of a sudden she just leaves the room and goes downstairs, yelling, "badaba!" and then I remember. Spiders. She usually calls spiders "spadaba". When she comes back upstairs we ask her, "are there spiders outside?" "Yes!" She has inherited her moms hatred of those 8-legged creatures.

I have been preparing her for our move back to California. Pretty much all I've told her is that we're going to go on a plane in a couple weeks and live nearby Grandma, Grandpa and French Fry. I didn't really think she caught on until the last couple of days. She will see an airplane and will immediately shout out, "Fry! Nana! Baba! Plane!" And I reassure her that yes, we will see French Fry in a couple weeks ;)

This morning she was running around naked. She actually does this quite a bit. (don't all kids like to be naked?) I had gone upstairs to change and she was calling me and I went back downstairs to find that she had peed (just a little) on the couch, and now was sitting on her little potty. I reminded her gently that next time she needs to pee in the potty, and I went back upstairs. Well, two minutes later I hear her yelling, "poop!" and I come running downstairs. She is in the kitchen. No poop. Thankfully. She then tells me, "potty!" and I go with her to her potty. And its full! She had actually peed in her potty. This is the first time its happened, although we've had lots of naked time the last month or so. She seems to have the worlds biggest bladder (no joke - will only pee once a day, during her nap). Ok... now that you know way more about her bladder than you need to, isn't it just fun? A little girl that is learning to pee on the potty. We got to call (and wake up) her Aunt Kate to share the good news. I'm sure Kate was thrilled with her 1am wakeup call.

Lastly, a video from last night. In order to get her to eat a little more (short attention span and doesn't want to sit at the table for more than 10 minutes), we read books to her after Dave and I are done eating. She can read her numbers, and knows all her animal names. And her colors. I know I'm her mom, but isn't she just cute?

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