Thursday, January 31, 2013


I thought I should keep track of some of the funny things that Georgia says (and not usually on purpose!)

She calls the moon, "boon".

Trying to say ok, she says, "OOOOOH-Tay!"
This is especially funny when she is giving a treat to an animal and keeps yelling louder and louder, with no success. The poor animals can't translate Georgia.

One that she now says correctly is ice cream, which she used to call "gak-guah"

I asked her the other day how old I was. She said 5. The very next day, Dave was talking to her about how old he was. He tried to get her to say "thirty" and because of the difficult "th" sound, it sounds like "forty" when she says it. So, I am 5 and Dave is 40!

She often says, "No like it" when she doesn't want to eat or try something

A cute little phrase that she picked up (probably from me) is, "sounds good?" She will add it on the end of a sentence  Today it was, "mama, watch Veggies Tales and eat lunch. Sounds good?" And I had to break that little heart of hers because we had no time to watch TV.... it was lunch & naptime!

Georgia had a little band-aid on her finger today. After her nap, she took it off and was carrying it around the house. I told her to throw it away because we only use them once and they get dirty. She looked at it and said, "No. Clean!" and then refused to throw it away.

The way she says water is "wah-wee" and milk is "neek"

Last week we were leaving the grocery store when a homeless man came up to us and asked for change. As I reached for my purse, Georgia kept saying, "mama! Santa Clause!" The man thankfully just laughed it off and told Georgia, "Now, you be a good girl for your mama!" Whew. That was just a little awkward.

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