Tuesday, February 5, 2013

26 months

Tracing over the Alphabet

I know I said I wasn't going to do month posts, but I was thinking about it. And why not? Not only do I like looking back and having a record of Georgia's accomplishments, it also provides a little insight into what our life was like for the month. So, I might still do them. Or not. We'll see how motivated/busy/how much free time I have ;)

Weight: 31 inches
Height: 37 inches

She is just looking so big to me!

Eating: we're getting a lot better! We read during mealtimes, which is a bit frustrating because it would be nice to relax a bit more, but reading really keeps her mind occupied. She eats more and is less picky when we read to her. She is also trying new foods and actually telling me, "I like it!" So, that is wonderful!

Health: Georgia got the flu and croup last week. It was a confirmed case of the flu (thanks to her uncle), but what sent us to the hospital was the croup. She has had croup before, about a year ago. And actually, because she was just struggling to breathe and not coughing, I didn't realize until we were at the hospital that she had croup. We spent one night in the ER and she had a fever of 104.7 when we got there. She improved very quickly and the following day didn't have a fever at all!
Watching TV while she is sick ;(

Sleeping: She is on a funny cycle where she gets overtired, then sleeps more than she should, and then because she's not as tired as she should be, she refuses a nap and gets over tired again. Probably one day a week (maybe even less) she will refuse to take a nap. But, for the most part, she is napping great and falling asleep quickly. I have learned that I really need to put her in bed earlier in order for her to fall asleep. So, naptime has to be at noon (if its at 12:30, then she might not nap, or may stay awake for an hour before she falls asleep) and likewise, bedtime needs to be at 7. The times we keep her up until 7:30, she will play in her bed and not fall asleep until after 8:30. But, when she is in bed by 7, she will be asleep by 7:15 most of the time.
Going on a hike with daddy and mommy

Right now, she is loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Veggie Tales and Tom & Jerry (the old ones). I definitely limit the amount of screen time she has, but since she was sick we have been a little more lenient than I would like. Now the weather is better and she is healthy, we will be spending more time outside ;)

Georgia is almost potty trained. She wears underwear probably 80% of the time. She still likes to poop in her diaper and will ask almost every day to wear a diaper. I think its because she had a bad experience at McDonalds playplace once in which she pooped in her underwear and we had to go home. So now, she just likes to wear diapers. In case. But, she is #1 potty trained. She does wear diapers during sleeping times. I will probably try to transition her to underwear during her naps.
Walking to the library

One thing she has been doing this month is trying to put her clothes on herself. She can put her underwear on, and can put on her pants and shoes. Shirts are very difficult and she hasn't attempted to put those on yet. She has also gotten herself undressed, which is quite funny to find after she is in bed and you go into her room and see an almost-naked Georgia laying in bed.

She just LOVES mommy's shoes

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