Thursday, March 7, 2013

27 months

Well our beautiful daughter has grown another month older. This month has been a lot of fun. Her personality is something else!
A weekend hike with daddy

Weight: 32 pounds
Shoes: wears both 8 and 9. Growing out of her 8s
Height: 38 inches (above 97%... yikes!)
jumping off the coffee table

She has gotten all four of her two-year molars. They have finally poked through the surface, and I am very excited that we don't have to worry about her teeth for a couple more years.

She has fallen in love with Veggie Tales. Her favorite episode is Madame Blueberry. We got a Veggie Tales CD from the library and enjoy listening to it all the time. (and it isn't too annoying, so I don't mind!)

a nature hike with mommy

Some books she enjoys reading: Curious George (especially the old, original ones), Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go! Green Eggs and Ham, and Madeline. Tonight when reading in bed, she read her board-book version of Hop On Pop to me. I have it recorded from a couple weeks ago, and will have to post that at the bottom of this post.

helping plant some tomato seeds.... which she then pulled up as soon as they sprouted 

We have been doing gymnastics for a couple weeks. She really enjoys the physical aspect of it, and is learning how to obey and follow instructions. She is the tallest in her class, and I think her coach expects a lot out of her. She is learning how to do forward rolls (somersaults), loves jumping on the trampoline, and does a great job hanging from bars and rings.

Morning beauty

Georgia had some bad dreams and some fears. Her dream was of bears, and now when she goes to bed she is afraid of bears. Her other fears are of bees and crickets. We have lots of conversations about how God, daddy, and mommy will protect Georgia and also reasons that she doesn't need to fear.

Beginning of the hike
She is speaking in relatively long sentences, "Mommy, I need get out my bed" (and yes, that is what she is saying now, while I am typing!). I am sure her vocabulary is growing, but I don't notice it as much anymore, since she knows everyday words. I do notice that she is using pronouns and words like "the" and "and" more and more.

Got to see Minnie at Disneyland
She has a game she calls, "Its mine!" In which she takes something (usually Daddy's football) and yells, "It's Mine!" and runs around the house. Dave has to chase her/tackle her/play hide and seek with her. Dinner is only halfway through before she starts asking to play this game. It is quite hilarious to watch - she doesn't understand hide and seek yet, so if she hides, she will pop out of her hiding spot before Dave comes to find her and says, "here I am!"


Anonymous said...
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Linda and Michelle said...

I love her sweet voice on the reading. You never know when that little voice will start to sound more grown up. So glad you recorded it!
Aunt Linda