Monday, April 29, 2013

More Georgia-isms

This morning brought several funny statements and I thought that I should write them down so I don't forget!

Georgia was sitting on my lap and I while I shaved yesterday, I am starting to get some stubble on my legs. She said something to the effect of "ouch!" and I put her on the bed and we were feeling how smooth Georgia's legs were and how smooth or rough my legs were. She felt my legs and then immediately took her hands to my face and said, "Still have a beard!" in a very cheeky voice. Dave and I just burst into laughter and then Georgia laughed and said, "boys have beards!"
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Gloves on feet. Half-naked kid. Popsicle on a rainy day 

After using the potty, I asked Georgia if she wanted to put on her underwear. She said, "NO. Wearing bottom" (as in her butt).

I got a book about crickets from the library. We were talking about how crickets have strong legs (and muscles) and they can jump high. She said, "I have strong feet! I jump high too!"

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