Saturday, April 13, 2013


They do lots of climbing over and through things

We have had Georgia in gymnastics for 10 weeks, I think. We do it through the city, and the program is just great. Her class is relatively small - about 8 to 10 kids (and their parents). Her coach has just been completely awesome. She is very energetic, loud (helps when you have ten 2-year-olds!), enthusiastic and encouraging.
Forward roll (and her coach next to her)

The way gymnastics works is they have different circuits or courses for the kids to go through. They are long enough that most of the time all the kids can be completing it at the same time. There is very little sitting around.
Her favorite activity - the trampoline!

Some of the things they do are: walking on balance beams, climbing on nets, jumping, forward rolls, hanging from uneven bars, and starting to do the basics of things like: back bend, cartwheel, and handstand. They have a trampoline they get to use, some slides, and a zip line.
Uncle Jon helping her do a hand stand

Every single day (almost without fail), Georgia asks if she gets to go to gymnastics.
another coach helping Georgia do a "monkey hang"

Some things I love about it: a place where Georgia is stretched physically to do things I would not otherwise teach her. Teaching her about following directions from adults in authority. She has to learn to wait her turn and have patience.

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