Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Holidays

So... I have not been the best blogger since November. Sorry about that. I have been very busy with house guests:

I had these two crazy (hehe - love you girls!) people plus my sister come spend a week with Dave and I over Thanksgiving. They are my twin cousins (from my dad's side of the family), now honorary Wallace's, since they spent Thanksgiving at Dave's parents house..... man that was a long introduction!
In this picture from left to right, me, Missy, Teresa (my sister) and Miranda.

Dave and I both agree that if we could properly host three teenage girls for a week in our house without any major problems, we can do pretty much anything with our life!

During the week the girls were visiting, I also invited the junior high girls over for a sleep over. We had an awesome time and stayed up way too late:

Doing really random stuff...

Eating weird food and taking pictures....

and maybe TP-ing someone. But just maybe. You'll never find out for sure...

After Thanksgiving, the Christmas parties started. We had a junior high Christmas party, a cousin Christmas party, a Wallace family Christmas party, a young couples Christmas party.... you get the idea? Well, we had something going on almost every night of the week for about three weeks in a row. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures.... but here are the ones I have.

This picture is Sarah (a JH leader with me), Melanie and Julia (two of our JH girls). We went to a Christmas concert in which some other girls from our JH sang.
Here is a picture of just part of our group. From left to right: me, Julia, Eden, Sarah, Melanie, Amanda, Cassy, and Cassy's brother.

The last thing I have pictures of is our small group. Its not the best picture (sorry!); Brandon has a December birthday and is the oldest in the group (he's 30 now!) so we celebrate it every year now by going out. So, here's the group: the Scully's (Jeremiah and Courtney), us, Paul behind us, the Mooneys (the new additions to the group - John and Julie), and then the Troyers (Carrie, Sadie and Brandon).
We just love our small group so much! We've been together for a year now, and it has been so wonderful to get to know these people and see them every week and share our lives with them!

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