Monday, January 24, 2011

Just one of those days...

Today was one of them. Sigh.

Was supposed to meet a friend for coffee and shopping, but had a sleepy little one, so just managed to have time for coffee before heading home for lunch. (I'm not complaining about the coffee! This was the highlight of my day!!)

I decided to try to make refried beans when I got home. I've done some research and wanted to give it a try. A can of refried beans here is about $1.70. That's just too much money for me to comprehend spending on beans. Seriously. Beans?! Why so much??? So, I got some dried pinto beans, soaked them for a while and put them on the stovetop on low to simmer for a while. I kept adding water and stirring. But then forgot. For about 20 minutes. I smelled it first. Burnt beans. I ran to the stove and poured some water into the pot, but I was too late. I couldn't salvage it. And now I have a burnt pan and a lovely smell still wafting through the house (8 hours and several open windows later).

After lunch I still had to do the grocery shopping that didn't get done. The bus stop closest to our house was closed (stupid on-going construction!), so I walked to the next one and missed the bus that whizzed past me when I was about 20 feet from the stop.... so I kept walking. I mean, I've walked in worse weather. It was about 45 degrees and not very windy. And its only a mile or so to the store....

And then the second bus whizzed past me less than a minute later. Again, just one of those days.

Did my shopping.

Finished shopping right at 3:25. Not my brightest moment.

School gets out at 3:30. The last time I tried to catch a bus at 3:30, I ended up walking home because the bus was so full. I had been waiting for the bus when school got out. Even though I was the first one at the bus stop, I didn't make it on the bus because the 50 elementary students around me can maneuver and push each other out of the way easier than a woman with a stroller full of groceries.

So, I walked home.

Past several really rude teenagers who feel like they own the sidewalk. They got the side-eye from me, and probably deserved to get a few words as well. On a side-note, people here are really not very considerate about their walking and being respectful of others in public areas.

Did I mention it was a long shopping trip?

Oh yeah and Georgia's visa? Well, the British Government decided that starting this year infants need to get biometrics (fingerprints) done in order to get a visa. But infants are too young to do the appointment, so what ends up happening is you take the infant to the appointment and they tell you the baby is too little and they cancel the appointment and give you the visa. Now that's what I call effective! The problem with this is that we're not sure we can get an appointment before our trip to the States in February. I'll be traveling with her back home by myself (Dave will already be in the UK) so we're hoping that we can enter the UK again!

Anyways, on my way home from the grocery store, I was listening to music and this song came on:

And I realized how true it was. So, I tried to savor the moment of walking home. Until I realized I forgot to get milk. Sigh.


Andrea, said...

Oh man I hate "those days." I hope you have a better one tomorrow.

Andrea, said...

A little off topic: Country songs about kids always get to me. Martina McBride's "In My Daughter's Eyes" is a good one. :o)