Monday, June 13, 2011

Scotland Vacation, Pt. 3

We sadly left the Isle of Skye the next morning. We enjoyed the island lifestyle, but were on to bigger and better things.
It was a rainy drive, but still beautiful, driving through the Glencoe Valley.
We happened across the castle that was in Monty Python and did a quick stop there. I don't have any (good) pictures of it, but it was a really neat castle! Not touristy... just the ruins, explained by signs in  each room.

The next stop we made was at the Wallace National Monument in Stirling (just north of Edinburgh). It was actually built in in the 1800's... it seems like a fairly new, clean building!
The downside of it being an old building means that there was no elevator. So, Georgia and I climbed up a narrow spiral staircase just like this.
It was really neat to see some of the Wallace history and also the views from the top were amazing.
After the Monument, we headed to Stirling Castle. I don't have any pictures that are blog-worthy. I was getting lazy, what can I say?
We then drove to our hotel in Edinburgh, and did a quick walk around the city before bedtime.

The next morning we went to the museum (name?) in the city. It was a museum with lots of artifacts - very neat. Pictured above are some chess figures from a really old chess set. (maybe the oldest one ever found?) Can you tell I'm forgetting/getting lazy about this?

Here I am with Dolly. I'm in a grumpy mood. Georgia was refusing to eat, and then refusing to sleep. She finally fell asleep in the stroller (hence the blanket over the top) and slept like half an hour. Sigh.
They had a Formula 1 Test drive that Dave wanted to do. He got the 2nd highest score of the day! (granted it was 11 am)
After Georgia got a nice nap in (breathe a sigh of relief!) we went to explore more of the town. This is one of the cathedrals.

The Edinburgh Castle overlooking the city
 Georgia (and her teether)


The view of Edinburgh. Overall, a really neat city. Probably the oldest city I've ever been in.

Dave with Adam Smith, an economist.
The Scotland Parliament building. The buzz on the street is that Scotland might be trying to make themselves their own country. Anyhoo...
On our way back home, we did tour the Edinburgh Castle. It was super touristy. Like Disneyland. I was not a fan. But, this is a view from up on the castle, overlooking the city, to the north. The water is actually the ocean. Pretty cool.

Anyways, that is just a couple of my 1000+ photos I took. It was a really great trip - really the first "vacation" we've done as a family (not counting things with parents or our honeymoon). Hopefully this is just the first of several more trips. Any ideas for the next one????


Courtney said...

I was just telling Carrie about that raspberry teether and you have it!! :)

Dave and Andrea said...

I bought it at Babies R Us when we were in the states. Georgia just loves it. Perfectly chewy and easy to grab!