Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to California, Part 2

Earlier, I posted quite a few pictures from our trip in February to California. Some pictures I did not post were from Courtney's baby shower. Courtney is Dave's cousin and was in our small group back home. She just gave birth to her son, Sawyer and we have to wait another long month until we meet him! Gah!

Anyways, here are a few more pictures from the end of our trip in California.
Our good friend Julie. She was in the couples group that we were a part of. Man, Georgia is getting big!

Courtney is on the end - the obviously pregnant (and cute!) one. Heidi (second from right) just had a little boye! We will get to meet him in July ;-) Carrie is on the other end with their little boy, Wyatt. Georgia is going to have quite a few "boyfriends" when we move back to the States. 

The "family" Kate, me, Courtney, Gail and Kyan.

This is our good friend Lori and her daughter Carly. I got to observe in Lori's 2nd grade classroom when I was getting my teaching degree.
Another family friend, Babs. I also got to see her wonderful 1st grade classroom.
My loves - Julia and Cassy. They are representing the youth group at our church. I miss them!
Finally, here's the Wallace photo we took before we left.

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