Sunday, August 28, 2011

9 months

Loving the swings!
This month we've seen significant growth in Georgia's motor skills! She is growing up so quickly, its hard to believe.

Weight: 18 pounds, 3oz (done at home)
diaper size: 4
teeth count: 8
clothing size: some 6-9, mostly 9-12 or 12


It is so fun to see Georgia grow up, especially in two areas: social and physical. Socially, she is just like her daddy. She loves people - especially kids close in age to her and babies. She will spot them while she is in the stroller and will reach for them and "ooh" and "aah" until she gets close enough to touch them or they leave her sight. She will smile at strangers and loves getting the attention.

Most of the pictures I try to take now look like this. She could care less about "sitting still" or "looking at mommy!"

Physically, Georgia's motor coordination is amazing. She has great pincher grabs, able to pick up peas and teeny, tiny fuzzies off the floor. If you remember from last month, she had just learned how to sit. Well this month she learned how to go from her back to a sitting position, to crawling, and to standing up, couch surfing, and then to taking a couple of steps on her own. We've been busy, to say the least.

Showing off her crawling skills

Georgia is still a fairly good sleeper. We went through a rough patch when she was learning to stand up because all she wanted to do in her crib was stand. She would pull herself up, and be unsure of what to do next and so she'd cry and cry. If we laid her down again, she would cry even harder. It was taking about 1 hour for her to fall asleep for naps and bedtime. This lasted about a week. She has also dropped her third nap (sad for me!) but now takes two pretty solids naps a day. She wakes around 7:30 or 8 (!!!!) and takes her first nap around 10 and her second nap around 2 or 3. She then goes to bed around 7:30 or 8.
My still blue-eyed girl!

She has become a champ at this! She eats pretty much anything we eat and her favorites are: lunch meat, eggs, cheese, meat (especially steak/ground beef) and humus. She is nursing really well, actually! She nurses a couple hours before she wakes up in the morning (around 6), either before or after her nap (depending on how much she ate at breakfast), before or after her 2nd nap, and then once or twice in the evening. She usually wakes up once or twice still at night to nurse.

wrestling with daddy

Fun stuff:
Georgia now knows that a doggie pants. And she can show you! She does get a bit confused because she has started panting when she sees any animal.... birds especially. Sometimes she confuses "daddy" with "doggie" and also starts panting when you say, "daddy's home" haha!
She loves books! Its so fun to have a reader in the house. She can spend lots and lots of time flipping through the pages, especially books that show pictures of animals.


khall1026 said...

Andrea, you loved animals at that age, too. For awhile, your favorite was cows and saying, "moo". Must be your Wisconsin heritage.

Linda and Michelle said...

I love love love the pic in the pink tutu!!!!

Aunt Linda

Gail Wallace said...

Love the update and so happy that she likes books. I can't wait to read to her in person again. Thanks for being such a thoughtful and dedicated mother :)

kate wallace said...

I am SO excited to be there for some of these things!!!