Saturday, August 20, 2011

this and that

  • A "good" walk is now defined as one in which we see at least one doggie and chase a pigeon or two. Georgia loves seeing animals and will "ah" and "ah" until she can no longer see the doggie or birdie. She often sees them before I do, and I will know by her noises that she sees an animal (or another baby or kid close in age to her)
  • I have FINALLY found a cheese here that I like!!! This is a huge step up in our quality of life. The cheddar cheese here does not taste like American cheddar cheese. But, there is a cheese called Red Leichester and its the only yellow cheese they have here. It is so yummy and tastes quite similar to Amerian cheddar.
  • Oh yeah.. G took her first steps!  Isn't she too young for this? Where'd my baby go???   She still needs help getting into a standing position on her own, but once up, she can take one or two cautious steps before doing a head-dive. Yesterday was the first day she pulled herself up on her crib and the poor thing can't figure out yet how to sit. This is making nap times difficult!

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