Thursday, December 19, 2013

3-years old!

Well, this last month we celebrated Georgia's birthday. My little baby is quickly growing up (I know, I make that comment every blog post). Seriously though, it makes me feel old thinking about how old she is getting! It seems like just yesterday we lived in London and had a little baby that was learning to walk and eat. Sigh.
Apple picking in October (no, we did not pick those apples. It just made for a good photo!)

Now our three-year-old is a rambunctious, sometimes-ornery, preschooler who loves to push our buttons and test every boundary. It really isn't as bad as it sounds (most of the time). She is also super affectionate, very creative and imaginative, and is one of the most outgoing people I know. On her birthday morning, she went with Dave to Starbucks and brought a balloon with her - and not just any balloon. This is the most ridiculous, huge princess balloon you've ever seen. It has to be at least two or three feet tall, and is bright pink and has six different princess on it. We gave it to her on her birthday morning and it has traveled with us many places. Dave said she was a mini-celebrity in Starbucks and everyone was telling her happy birthday. For my little extrovert, that was probably the highlight of her day!
One of the books we read has a character who carries grass in his mouth. So she wanted to try it

Weight: 37 lbs
Height: 41 inches
Shoes: size 10
Clothing: size 4T (although we have some 3T that she still wears and I have started adding 5T clothing for this winter)

Georgia loves princesses, books, and drawing pictures. She was Rapunzel for Halloween (without ever seeing the movie - she just likes the princess with the purple dress). She has asked a few times if she can grow up to be a princess when she grows up. She also asks Daddy (and me!) to be her prince.

Picking out a pumpkin
Georgia does NOT like: sitting at the table (a real battle these days to get her to stay still while eating), anything scary. She has entered a phase where she is now easily scared. I was scared of everything as a child, so I expected it to happen. We bought a nightlight for her room which seemed to help. But seriously, she had a couple days where she wouldn't walk to the bathroom by herself unless we came with her. She is scared of noises and is constantly asking, "What's that?!"

Just a normal day at home ;) helping mommy wipe off the table
Georgia is also adjusting to life as an older-sister. She really does love her brother and is great with him. I have noticed that she seems to be attention-seeking and tells me that she is a "baby". She found a pacifier we don't use and keeps it in her bed and likes to suck on it at nighttime. She also crawls on the ground and has a high-pitched "baby" voice that she uses. Its a little over the top, but I expect in a couple more weeks, life will resume as normal for her.

Georgia is hitting the imaginary stage. She plays pretend with her kitchen or her stuffed animals. When she is frustrated about something, she will tell me, "but there was a little girl who's parents let HER do that!" I could see her being a pretty good liar someday soon, but we have not had to deal with that yet.

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