Monday, December 2, 2013

Titus is 1 month old

This month has just flown by! I know I always say that, but I think having two kids now to keep me busy the time will go even quicker than it used to. Titus is doing well. Really well. He came home a little bit of a grump and has turned into a happier child. I have cut out gluten and dairy from my diet and it seems to make a difference in his world. It is difficult, but very much worth it for a happier child.

Weight: 10lbs, 1 oz at 2 weeks.... probably 11+ pounds now
height: 23 inches or so
clothing size: 0-3 months

Titus is a good eater.  Nursing this time was a lot easier, probably because I know what I'm doing.  He is also a great sleeper. He has already slept a 7 hour stretch. He normally wakes twice to eat at night - sleeping one 5 hour stretch and one 4 hour stretch, then a couple more hours. He seems to be like his sister and has trouble sleeping when out of the house. He will fall asleep in the car, but if he is in the stroller and out and about, he will fight sleep. He doesn't like to fall asleep nursing, which is the opposite of Georgia. He also has trouble sleeping if I am holding him. It makes my life easier because I can set him down - either in the swing or in his bed and just leave. He seems to enjoy laying quietly in his own space and staring off into space before falling asleep.

We have gotten a few smiles the last couple days. He also is starting to respond by looking at people and cooing just a little. He enjoys doing "tummy time" and has fallen asleep doing it a couple times. Dave and I got a cold this last week, so Titus has also gotten it. Thankfully its a very mild cold and doesn't seem to bother him at all.

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Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

He is so precious! Glad he is doing better and getting happier.